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What is the difference between security and safety? Why should we care about both issues?

The Difference Between Security and Safety

We often use the words ‘security’ and ‘safety’ as if they mean the same thing, however really they relate to two separate things. We can all agree that both safety and security are basic needs for us as humans and critical to our survival.

Security refers to the measures used to make people or places secure, whereas safety is the state of being protected against damage or danger.

As an example lets use the Metropolitan Police Force, they provide a security service whose mission law enforcement and the prevention of crime in Greater London. So to keep Londoner's safe, and protect them from danger, whether it be from pickpockets, violent crime or even terrorism. As a result people enjoy safety because of the security and protection provided.

Or think about your home, which has both safety and security features. smoke and carbon monoxide alarms ensure your safety, while locks and alarms secure your home against burglary.

So lets start with the latter what exactly is Safety?

When we discuss safety, we are referring to the sensation of safety, or the sensation of being shielded from dangers. For instance, you desire to protect your family from crime.

Security is thought of as being exterior or physical in nature, whereas safety is an emotional or internal quality.

For example, a shop worker will typically feel safe in the presence of a retail security guard because they feel that if a situation were to happen that they weren't comfortable or confident enough to deal with such as a confrontational customer or a robbery the retail security guard would step in and deal with the incident for them. This makes them feel emotionally safe and generally protects them from physical harm in the workplace.

The term "safety" is also used to describe actions taken to reduce risk and stop unintentional, unintended harm. To protect themselves from harm on the job site, a security guard might put on a hard hat or steel toe cap boots, for instance.

We caution our loved ones to be safe when going out at night so as to avoid getting hurt, which means we’d like them to stay with friends and come back home at a reasonable hour and be careful and avoid strangers and drinking too much.

So Lets Discuss What is Security?

Security, on the other hand, refers to the procedures and behaviours that protect us against threats and malicious acts that are beyond our control. The protection of individuals, organisations, and assets against external threats and criminal behaviour that could be damaging, such as break-ins, robberies, vandalism, and other crimes, is often what is meant when we talk about security.

Security comes in a variety of forms; for example, a security officer control access to private property, Concrete bollards to prevent trespassers from parking on private land. Or monitored CCTV monitoring against theft and criminal damage. In each of these scenarios, security is what keeps a person safe from the outside threat trying to harm them. Additionally, there are several levels of security that affect how well protected someone is from that risk. Security is about proactive protection from harm, such as locking your doors and windows or having monitored CCTV.

Security helps attain safety

Achieving a good level of safety and protection is possible through security. Security is a prerequisite for safety. Fahrenheit Security and other reputable security companies in London, focus on mitigating external threats such as break ins and, in doing so, helps businesses and families feel protected when they hire Fahrenheit Security.

A persons sense of security is maintained by security. For instance, if you have a deadbolt on your front door and a motion-activated intruder alarm and a residential security officer parked on your driveway, you can rest easy at night knowing that no one can enter due of the security measures you have put in place. You are safe, so you feel safe.

If you're thinking about how to make your home or business more safe and secure, talk to Fahrenheit Security today. Whether it is a commercial property security guard service, security guard for your home or office security guard or our other specialised security services are among our offerings we are there for you.

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