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Commercial Security Guarding

Commercial Security Company | Hire Commercial Security Guard

While you focus on running your business, let us handle your commercial security guarding needs.

Whether you have a commercial premises that is at risk of vandalism, burglary, staff aggression, or a multi tenanted commercial property that needs security guards, we can take care of your security guarding requirements.

We are able to offer a variety of commercial security services, such as manned guarding, to offices, estates, commercial buildings and renovation sites, warehouses, and much more.

We can assist you whether you need a single security guard for a special event or a round the clock security team.

If you need a quality, credible, professional and competitively priced, fully insured commercial security guard service anywhere in London, then contact us now on Tel 02074095291, e-mail 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year to discuss your potential commercial security guarding requirements.

Free initial commercial security consultation and assessment

  • Complete commercial property inspection 

  • Environmental security risk assessment

  • In-depth client consultation

  • Analysis of security requirements,

  • Ongoing security system enhancement

  • Special event security arrangements are all included.

security consultation

Typical service we provide can be split into these four areas:-


Access Control London

Security Guards Issuing Security Passes 

Granting access to secure areas on the premises

It's doubtful that you will want a visitor to be able to access every section of the property if they are coming onto the premises. Paper visitor passes are essential for security because of this.


You can only provide access using an access card from your guest management dashboard to particular places on the property. This restricts access for a visitor or contractor to the places where they are authorised to be.

This is especially important in commercial properties, multi tenanted offices and corporate buildings. 

To keep everyone on your property secure, it's crucial to ensure that proper access control procedures are followed throughout your organisation. One easy method to do this is by using a paper visitor card in conjunction with a visitor management system.

Easier, more comprehensive visitor screening

Security depends on your capacity to verify that contractors and visitors to your property have the required identification and background checks.

No one without the necessary level of training is permitted into vital areas of the building thanks to this system.


Searching vehicles and people in London

For high risk and secure locations such as private commercial facilities we can search vehicles and people entering the commercial premises.  


Monitoring of visitors to the commercial premises

Tracking visitors with Security Passes

The ability to record the precise times your guests sign in and out of the property is one very helpful way that paper visitor passes enhance the security of your establishment.

Security Barrier operation

These safety solutions have been consistently deployed by commercial companies to provide security for their workers on both a temporary and permanent basis. Our security guards easily operate commercial security barriers. 

private security guard

Checking identification

We conduct a two point ID check. Is the visitors name listed? Do they have a formal photographic official form of ID?

Commercial Site Patrols

We install a patrol point clocking system at the commercial property to ensure our security guard foot patrols are conducted regularly and in full. 

Locking and unlocking

We lock and unlock commercial premises at designated times on behalf of the unit owners. This includes the setting and un-setting of alarms. Hire our local mobile security service for a regular, reliable lock and unlock security service. 

Retail security

At Fahrenheit Security, our commercial security team of highly trained and experienced London retail guards are available to offer you protection for your building, customers and goods.

How can a retail security guard help you?

Our retail guards can provide staff and customers with the assurance that, in the unlikely event of an emergency, the issue is in competent and dependable hands in addition to serving as an efficient theft deterrent.

We like to think that the friendliness and approachability of our team distinguishes us from other security firms. Instead of frightening potential consumers, our professional retail security personnel become a natural extension of your shop's team.


No matter what sector of retail you are in, our retail guard service can be customised to your particular requirements. If necessary, we may offer specialised training to make sure that our crew is prepared for any situation.

Retail security guard

Reception duty

Depending on the commercial property company or commercial site the receptionist can be responsible for any of the following:

Receive Visitors

  • greet visitors appropriately

  • determine visitor needs in a professional manner

  • maintain visitor register

  • offer refreshments to visitors where appropriate

  • direct visitors to correct person

  • ensure back up when absent from reception desk


Answer Phone Calls

  • answer and address incoming phone calls in a timely and polite manner

  • clearly determine the purpose of the call

  • deal with queries and provide correct information

  • forward calls to appropriate person

  • take and deliver messages accurately and completely


Manage Mail


  • sort and distribute incoming mail

  • prepare outgoing mail for pick-up or courier

  • organize courier deliveries


Monitor Security

  • monitor people coming and going through the reception doors

  • issue visitor passes where required

  • be aware of and report suspicious activity


Organize Meetings

  • book meeting room

  • inform participants

  • set up meeting room with necessary stationary and equipment

  • organize catering for meeting


Secretarial Support

  • prepare correspondence and documents

  • update databases

  • organize mailings

  • prepare and maintain spreadsheets

  • schedule and follow up on appointments


Reception Area Maintenance

  • keep reception area clean and neat

  • maintain and organize reading material

Corporate security guard

Challenging suspicious people

Any unauthorised persons on your commercial premises will be detected and deterred and if necessary detained by our on site security team should the trespasser not leave immediately when requested to do so by our SIA licenced security officer. 

Checking equipment

Our security guards can check on site equipment whether it is life saving or maintenance equipment as part of their weekly duties. 


   3. General

– Providing first aid

– Site evacuation

– Reporting breaches of company rules

– Detection of illegal substance abuse

– Detection of improvised explosive devices

– Testing fire alarms

   4. Mobile security for Commercial Properties

Lock up commercial units, we will secure your premises after the close of business

Alarm response, we will attend on site alarm activations within a timely manner and take after care action where necessary. 

Key holding. we will attend the call but have to have a member of staff accompany us into the premises

Night supervision of static guards


We can supply commercial guards for your site giving you 24 hour protection. We specialise in providing tailor made security solutions:

  • Security Guards for Commercial Properties

  • Commercial Property Key Holding

  • Mobile Security Patrols for Commercial Sites

  • CCTV Operatives for Public Space Surveillance

  • Emergency Response to break ins at a Commercial Property.

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