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Hotel Security

Fahrenheit Security's professional hotel security service provides a memorable 5 star guest experience that is befitting of the hotel we operate in. At Fahrenheit Security Company we provide an array of reliable, flexible, and tailor-made hotel security services in London.

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We Provide 5 Star Hotel Security Services

Fahrenheit Security has developed a sincere hospitality security services offering professional, friendly and competent hotel security guards on a flexible basis to meet hotels everchanging requirements. Our teams are multi lingual and able to converse and serve hotel guests and visitors to your London hotel in a personable fashion. Fahrenheit Security has a large team in its hospitality security division providing hotel security services in London on a daily basis.


Our Company has many years experience and expertise in providing stable and consistent security personnel in order to provide the best hotel security services. We conduct mystery shopping and customer service testing as well as site survey to understand service levels from a guests or clients perspective. We assess all associated risks to ensure comprehensive plans are tailored to the hotel and implemented in equal measure across the security team.

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Highly Trained Security Team

Fahrenheit Security provide a complete offering of hotel security services in London. We are a one stop shop for hotels in London providing professional, SIA trained, approved and licensed security guards that have a background in hospitality and prior customer service experience.


Our premium security services levels are maintained via stringent recruitment and vetting practises coupled with continuous professional development and hospitality sector and site specific training programmes that are rolled out on a regular basis, performance drills and much more.

As a prominent leader in the hotel security industry, Fahrenheit Security have a skilled complement of security officers that can serve as concierge, front of house reception, door supervision staff, CCTV operatives and security supervisors. Our services put safety and security first and help prevent anti-social behaviour on or around the hotel premises.

We ensure the security guarding of larger spaces such as conference rooms and suites by creating a thorough security plan and procedures for the hotel security officers to execute to mitigate potential threats. This plan also extends to other areas in the hotel such as rooms, lobbies, hallways, open areas, points of exit and entry, corridors and bars. In hotels, there is a great influx of foot traffic around the day therefore, Fahrenheit's hotel security officers make sure that they remain ever present at the hotel entrance to ensure a warm welcome to facilitate the guest experience and also to pro-actively approach visitors in the same welcoming manner.

Hotel Reception

Choose The Best Hotel Security Company in London

Fahrenheit Security is a well-known and established hotel security guard company in London which is able to meet the exact requirements to keep both the guests, hotel staff and property safe. keep track and ascertain the security of hotels.


People staying in top London hotels often bring with them quantities of cash and high value jewellery, which makes hotel lobby's an attractive hang out for bag thieves looking to snatch suitcases and luggage or pickpocket distracted guests in the bar area.

Why do London hotels need concierge security staff?

Hotel Concierge Services are to create a fantastic first impression at the front of house and set the tone for the guests service expectations and attention they can expect during their stay.

Our hotel security guards and hotel reception staff adhere to customer experience guidelines, safety procedures and are happy to take up additional caretaking duties as required such as fire marshal or first aid, all essential skills in the event of an emergency and reduce the hotel's liability.

Luxury Valet Service

What Is The Need For Hotel Security Services In London?

London hotels are often a meeting point for tourists, visitors and guests. Security is a fundamental function to ensure the guest can enjoy their stay. Unscrupulous individuals in London look for the opportunity to target unwitting hotel guests who let their guard down in the ambience of the hotel. These criminals also know that the turnover of people makes them less likely to stand out to guests.


This is why we will do our upmost to ensure you have the same security officers that know the hotel's policy and procedures and also know the local criminal element so they can be prevented from gaining access to the hotel and ushered away from loitering outside of the premises.


Our competent hotel security team take care of your hotel premises and the belongings of guests to ensure the hotels reputation is upheld. Theft of guests on hotel grounds can cause damaging google and trip advisor reviews! By employing Fahrenheit Security's hospitality services the associated risk factors will be largely mitigated so your guests and you can have peace of mind.

Additional services we provide include a hotel lobby loss prevention, meet and greet concierge as well as security for the bar and restaurant. Just like our hotel security guard service, our other services are available 24/7. Let the Fahrenheit Security be an extension of your hotel brand with our SIA licensed operatives from the best security agency in London.   

Hotel Entrance

Professional Hotel Security Guards in London

Our hotel security team have real passion for the job and years of experience in protecting businesses in the hospitality industry. We understand how difficult it can be when choosing reliable hotel security.

With the everchanging face of the hotel industry, we understand the importance to hire hotel security that meets hotel management and guest expectations.

Whether you are looking for security for a global hotel business like Hilton Hotels or a unique 5 star hotel like The Langham London, we can provide hotel security staff that will meet your requirements.

Our London Security Officers Monitor Hotel Entrances

London hotels have hundreds if not thousands of people come and go each day, our hotel security staff are experts in surveillance and have good facial recognition abilities. As a result our clients rely on our hotel security teams to monitor all access points and monitor the CCTV in larger hotels. In larger hotels, the number of security staff hired will determine how quickly a situation at an event, lobby or bar can be resolved with minimal fuss.

To ensure your guests and staff receive a high level of protection, hiring static and manned hotel security guards from Fahrenheit Security is an excellent deterrent against anti-social behaviour and crime. From the protection of your guests’ belongings to car park patrols to minimise the risk of car theft and criminal damage.

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London Hotel Security That Befits Your Hotels Reputation

We place emphasis in our customer service delivery to make the guests first impression a positive one. Our attention to detail is paramount from a fresh crisp suit, polished shoes, well groomed officer with a welcoming smile for everyone arriving.

If you want your front of house hotel reception to stand out, we can also adopt tailored uniforms that tie in with your hotel brand, setting and customer journey accordingly.

Fahrenheit Security will always provide capable yet approachable and friendly hotel security, giving your guests sincere and personable customer service.

Boost your hotel reputation and hire hotel security officers with Fahrenheit Security and enjoy professional hospitality security services, our welcoming touch is the difference.

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Bespoke Hotel Security Solutions with Fahrenheit Security

We have been provide fully trained hotel security solutions to businesses across the hospitality sector.

Whether you require mobile patrols to visit and patrol your hotel lone workers out of hours, security officers to provide protection at your hotel reception, or are looking for a CCTV security solution, we can help.

As the premier choice in London for bespoke security solutions, you can rest assured that your premise, staff and guests and assets will stay secure and remain protected.

Benefits of Hotel Security in London

  1. Hospitality Security Tailored to Your Needs

  2. Skilled London Hospitality Security to Complement your Hotel

  3. Fully Trained London Hotel Security Guards

  4. Deter Criminal Activity at Hotels in London

  5. Rapid Response London Security Solutions

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Security Guards in the Hotel Industry

Fahrenheit Security provide security services to the hotel and leisure industry in London. Our security services for hotels include uniformed security guards, mobile security patrols, reception services, concierge security services, restaurant security door supervisors, event security, security risk assessment and hotel administration.


Security issues at hotels in London


  1. Large square foot area: Providing a secure and safe environment at a hotel can be challenging due to the many points of entry and exit, hallways, public areas, grounds and staff limitations to secure these areas and maintain security with a physical presence.

  2. High footfall: London hotels have very high numbers of people visiting each day from all over the world. Keeping track of visitors and ascertaining who is meant to be there and who isn't takes a special type of security officer with a very professional manner. A busy hotel provides the ideal setting and distraction that criminals find attractive.

  3. Public available facilities: Bars, restaurants, gym, spa, nightclub and casino on hotel property means that they have members of the public on site who are not required to check in and out.

  4. High-value goods: An important aspect is clients cash, jewellery and other valuable belongings in luggage that are often carried through the hotel. Guests may also leave valuable items left inside the room or inside the room safe when they are out exploring London.


Typical Responsibilities of a Hotel Security Guard in London

Concierge Security Services

Fahrenheit Security have developed a particular security role that combines front of house duties with a security officer.

  1. Hotel Premises patrol

  2. meet and greet front of house duties

  3. Check the hotel grounds, car part and common areas

  4. monitor who enters the hotel

  5. respond to emergency first aid and fire issues

  6. CCTV SurveillancE

  7. Monitor alarms:

  8. handling loss property


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Why Employ a Security Contractor Like Fahrenheit Security?

When hotel security managers and general managers consider security firms for their security requirements, hotel procurement prefer to employ an external security guard company that specialises in hospitality rather than an in-house team as it is more cost effective. Using a security agency like Fahrenheit Security enables hotels to save on recruitment, vetting, training, supervision and management.


Compared with other London security companies Fahrenheit Security offers a cost-effective hotel security solution that offers flexibility and tailored services. Our services can be upscaled or downscaled to accommodate seasonal changes and events.


If you would like to discuss your hotel security requirements in confidence, please feel free to contact our expert consultants for free impartial advice and a no obligation free quote.

  • What is a corporate security?
    Corporate security involves protecting a company's physical and digital assets, ensuring the safety of employees, and maintaining business continuity. At Fahrenheit Security, corporate security services are designed to provide comprehensive protection through highly trained personnel and advanced technology to safeguard businesses in London and beyond.
  • What are the essential components of corporate security?
    What are the essential components of corporate security? Key components of corporate security include: Physical security measures such as manned guarding, mobile patrols, and CCTV monitoring. Data protection and cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive information. Risk assessments to identify and mitigate potential threats. Emergency response planning to handle crises efficiently. Regulatory compliance to adhere to industry standards and laws
  • How does corporate security protect a company's assets?
    How does corporate security protect a company's assets?Corporate security protects company assets by deploying SIA licensed security guards who serve as a physical deterrent to unauthorised access, theft, and vandalism. It also uses advanced surveillance systems and real-time intelligence to monitor and respond to security threats, ensuring the safety of physical and digital assets, including properties, technology, and sensitive information
  • What do corporate security professionals do?
    A Corporate Security Officer ensures that the properties they are paid to protect are safe and secure such as technology companies, blue chip organisations and banks.
  • Why is a security guard service necessary for corporate businesses?
    Corporate businesses need a security guard service to provide surveillance, emergency response and customer service to deter criminal activity that may hinder normal business operations, such as vandalism, sabotage or theft.
  • What are the primary risks that corporate security addresses?
    What are the primary risks that corporate security addresses? Corporate security addresses a range of risks including: Theft and vandalism. Cyber threats and data breaches. Insider threats from employees or contractors. Physical safety hazards. Compliance and regulatory risks
  • How can corporate security contribute to business value?
    How can corporate security contribute to business value? Corporate security enhances business value by: Reducing financial losses through effective asset protection. Ensuring business continuity by managing risks and responding to emergencies. Enhancing reputation by safeguarding intellectual property and sensitive information. Improving customer and employee trust by maintaining a safe environment
  • What are the common threats to corporate security?
    What are the common threats to corporate security? Common threats include: Cyberattacks such as hacking and phishing. Physical break-ins and vandalism. Insider threats from disgruntled employees. Regulatory non-compliance leading to legal issues. Emergency situations like natural disasters or terrorist attacks
  • How does corporate security help in risk management and mitigation?
    How does corporate security help in risk management and mitigation?Corporate security helps in risk management by conducting thorough risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and implementing strategies to mitigate these risks. This includes physical security measures, cybersecurity protocols, and emergency response plans to handle potential threats proactively
  • What are the roles and responsibilities within corporate security?
    What are the roles and responsibilities within corporate security? Roles and responsibilities within corporate security at Fahrenheit Security include: Security guards and personnel for physical protection. Cybersecurity experts to safeguard digital assets. Risk assessors to identify and mitigate threats. Emergency response teams to handle crises. Compliance officers to ensure adherence to regulations
  • What are the benefits of implementing a corporate security policy?
    What are the benefits of implementing a corporate security policy? Implementing a corporate security policy provides several benefits, such as: Enhanced protection of assets and sensitive information. Reduced risk of financial losses and legal issues. Improved safety and security for employees and customers. Better preparedness and response to emergencies. Strengthened company reputation and trustworthiness
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