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Emergency Security guard Services

Fahrenheit Security are a nationwide security guard company that provide 24-hour short notice emergency cover throughout London and the UK. If you need an SIA Licensed security officer and need one fast, Fahrenheit Security can provide a rapid response to your site with fully trained and experienced security guards anywhere in London within four hours and outside of London within six hours.

Fahrenheit Security’s emergency cover services are a unique solution, designed to quickly help new and existing clients in need of urgent protection.


So if you are looking for one of the following rapid response security guarding services do not hesitate to get in touch:

  1. Last minute security guard services

  2. Short notice security solutions

  3. Temporary security services

  4. Ad hoc property guardians

  5. Short term manned guarding services

  6. Adhoc security guard

  7. Event security guard

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1. Last minute security guard services


Do you own or manage a business and have had a time when the alarm wont set, door won't lock or the shutters will not come down? Rather than losing a nights sleep you can hire security guards to protect your property preventing criminal damage and a possible break in.


The good thing about Fahrenheit Security compared with other security companies is that our night security guards don't work days and visa versa. Meaning you when you place your business with us you are getting an experienced security guard suited for your time of need.


2. Short Notice Security Solutions

Business needs have changed quite significantly as many experience difficulties with staff shortages. If you own or are working for one of the many companies experiencing staff shortages then call us to provide that visual deterrent against shoplifters or thieves so your staff can keep on concentrating on sales whilst we protect your stock.

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3. Temporary Security Guards

We understand the flexible nature of some of our clients. Whether it be for event security guards or security guards for short term projects and unexpected demands at fashion retail premises we will provide professional services for every occasion. Fahrenheit Security is a leading provider of skilled security guards and a nationwide security guard company that can offer that assist anywhere in the UK.

4. Adhoc property guardians

If you own a vacant property in London, our property guardians are the professional solution to the very common problem of how to ensure the security of a vacant residential or commercial property and maintain its upkeep at a reasonable price.

Property owners can have peace of mind knowing their vacant properties are occupied by fully vetted and insured professionals who will prevent unauthorised access and reduce the risk of criminal damage.

Temporary Security Guard Hire.jpg

5. Short term security services

In order to meet your short term security requirements we have a complement of static and mobile guards that are highly trained security personnel and are readily deployable. We recruit security guards locally to the area's in which we work so you can depend on a seamless running local security service.


6. Adhoc Security Officers

As security experts, when it comes to adhoc urgent protection catering to unexpected demands, we provide where other security companies can't. All our security guards are able to assist in complementing your security operation. So whether it is static or mobile guarding services you are seeking we are here to support you.

Special Event Security - Fahrenheit Security.jpg

7. Event Security Officers


If you are looking for established companies in London for event security guards then look no further than Fahrenheit Security. Our event security guards take away the huge strain of managing access and are professionally trained to ensure the seamless running of your event.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is being a property guardian?


A property guardian is an individual who is in contract for a low cost, shared living space, in return for looking after and maintaining vacant buildings and protecting them from squatters and vandalism.

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How much does a security guard service cost at short notice?


For last minute requests you are typically looking at £16 per hour + to hire a security guard.


Will I pay more for a security guard at short notice?


Yes, hiring a security officer at short notice will cost more than a advance planned booking. We wish we had security officers sitting on the couch ready to go...


Will I get the same security officer each time?


We try to keep consistency as much as possible for various reasons, however with last minute requests this can often be difficult. We will however always commit to maintain the same level of professionally trained sia licensed security guards.

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  • What is a corporate security service?
    Corporate security guards will present a professional front of house experience and help your visitors and staff operate in a safe secure environment. Corporate security officers will protect both your business, valuable assets and staff.
  • What is a front of house security?
    Front of a house security will keep a physical presence in your reception area ensuring it is both safe and secure. Front of house security staff will direct visitors and accompany them to their destination, handle deliveries and conduct telephonic and electronic administrative duties as required.
  • What are the types of office security?
    Office security consists of protecting your premises and employees from physical abuse, vandalism, theft, and personal attacks; and protecting your business from corporate espionage both internally and externally.
  • What do corporate security professionals do?
    A Corporate Security Officer ensures that the properties they are paid to protect are safe and secure such as technology companies, blue chip organisations and banks.
  • Why is a security guard service necessary for corporate businesses?
    Corporate businesses need a security guard service to provide surveillance, emergency response and customer service to deter criminal activity that may hinder normal business operations, such as vandalism, sabotage or theft.
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