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Mount Street Security Services

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Mayfair Security Company

Fahrenheit security is one of the leading security companies in Mayfair and London 's luxury district. If you are looking to partner with a professional private security services business for bespoke security guard services then you have come to the right place. Our contract London security guards service has been specifically designed with quality in mind putting safety first.

Exclusive Mayfair Locations

We work in Mayfair's most exclusive luxury stores, gallery's and auction houses. We provide excellent customer service and a safe welcoming place for customers and visitors who wish to spend time in one of client's locations. Our security guards are ready to protect your people, product and property, so contact us today or submit your details via our request a free quote form.

Professional High Value Protection

As a security industry authority regulated protection company, Fahrenheit Security secure billions of pounds of assets each day from master paintings and art pieces to fine jewellery and luxury fashion to $50 billion worth of notional crypto flow.

Bespoke Security Guarding

We provide handpicked SIA Licensed London security guards who are consistent, capable, credible, dedicated and presentable. Our professional services as a security company enables us to deliver on time every time.

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Teams of Security Guards

Our security guards extremely effective physical deterrents in protecting your assets. We work with only the finest security guards to improve the professionalism of your front of house. We mitigate and handle security issues as and when required on site and provide a safe environment.

Security Services Subject matter experts

As part of our London security company offering we carry out front of house security services and loss prevention duties and provide an in-house feel to our service. We also offer security services such as consultancy, giving advice on CCTV and access control systems in the Mayfair area.

A Reliable Provision

Our highly trained security guards and exemplary standards and have a fantastic reputation amongst local businesses for delivering some of the best security guarding services in the local area.

Customer Experience delivered by our Security Guards

As a security company, we deliver an excellent customer experience from our range of security services in London by being a pro-active deterrent, greeting customers and approaching them naturally in the given situation.


Demonstrating on a strategic level that we understand our client's needs and letting customers and visitors know we there if they need assistance. We also supervise, train and manage our security guards in line with each individual security requirements. We work with our security guards for a one-team approach.

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Flexibility of Our Private Security Services in London, UK

As a security solutions business with a large footprint in Mayfair and on Mount Street, we create the perfect solution by having the benefit of being able to visit our guards within minutes and flexible to the everchanging needs of the companies we work with.

A London Security Company For You

If you are looking for a Mount Street security agent then contact us today to find out how our security guards can assist you and offer you peace of mind on a full time basis. There is no other security company in London, UK that can offer our personable service, day and night we are only a phone call away. By being based locally in London enables us to be there for you with our security services at short notice.

The ideal candidate

Whether it is short term contracts or a full time security requirement we will place smartly dressed on-brand security with a positive can-do attitude that will bring value to the team and company we represent.

Introduction of Candidates Prior To Deployment

We understand what many security companies do not...or choose to ignore! That different personality types suit different needs and sites. We can provide you with a CV or even the option to arrange an interview with our security guards, in order for you to choose the very best talent.

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Unique selling points

We offer security services in London that benefit our range of clients by delivering the following value added:

1.Consultancy service provided as standard

2.Dynamic threats assessment

3.The highest levels of health and safety practices

4.Site specific training of London security staff

5.Corporate confidentiality of clients company

6.Responsible staff that our clients can rely on to be protected by our team, with their professional integrity.

7.On brand vetted and SIA Licensed security services

8.On brand training, SIA Licensed relief cover guards in London

9.Regular management meetings / Supervisory property visit

10.Significant cost savings to your business/ property/ site through our security strategies


We price our full time security services in London by the hour. The hourly rate depends on the requirement. Close protection and event security guard services are priced per job.

Contact us

Get in touch by phone or email for all your security needs and if you have any queries. Alternatively you can submit your details via email or contact form.

Also, visit our blog for up to date security industry articles, in-depth information on our services and client testimonials. Our Mayfair Head Office is open for contact between the times of 09.00-18.00hrs 7 days per week.


Fahrenheit Security

34 S Molton St, London, W1K 5RG

Telephone: 02074095291




Plus Code: GV72+MG London

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