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Security Guard Hire in Mayfair - Fahrenheit Security

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If you are looking for a security company that can provide security guards in Mayfair – W1 you have come to the right place our security guard service has been specifically designed for the luxury retail and corporate sectors. We provide security services to the worlds leading brands in fashion and jewellery in the Mayfair W1 area as well as galleries, auction houses, corporate multi-tenanted office blocks, hedge funds, private banks and ambassador protection at embassies.


We work in some of London's most exclusive locations such as Bond Street, Conduit Street, Bruton Street, Saville Row, Albemarle Street, Berkeley Square, Dover Street, Mount Street, South Molton Street and provide the best security services in the security industry. Our security guards ready to protect your people, product and property.

Asset Protection in Mayfair, London


Fahrenheit Security Limited secure billions of pounds of assets each day from master paintings and art pieces to fine jewellery and luxury fashion to $50 billion worth of notional crypto flow.

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Mayfair Security Services

We provide handpicked SIA Licensed security officers who are consistent, capable, credible, dedicated and presentable. Our security teams are extremely effective physical deterrents in protecting your asset. With our concentration of security guards we effectively operate a private police force in Mayfair on a full time basis. From alarm response to site, premises and property security we have it covered.

Local Security Knowledge in Mayfair

As the top security guard company in London we are able to undertake front of house security and loss prevention duties and provide an in-house feel to our service. We train our staff to our exemplary standards and have a fantastic reputation amongst the local Mayfair community for delivering some of the best security guarding services in the local area.

Recognising Criminal Elements in Mayfair

We operate a real time intelligence system in Central London which will alert our officer on the ground via their phone to criminal activity in their area. This service is linked-in with luxury stores on Bond Street, Regent St and the surrounding areas, giving the Fahrenheit security officer an advantage in keeping our clients secure.

Event Security Hire in Mayfair

We understand that no two events are the same. That's why we offer a bespoke event security service, tailoring our offering to the specific needs of your event.


Whether you're hosting a small private function or a large public event, our security officers will be on hand to provide a professional and efficient service. Our event security officers are all SIA-licensed and have extensive experience in managing a wide range of events.


From start to finish, our team will work with you to ensure that your event runs smoothly and safely. We can provide as much or as little support as you need, including security planning, risk assessments, crowd control, and first aid trained security guards.

Fahrenheit Security Bodyguards protecting celebrity Heidi Klum at Maison Assouline, Rankin

Safe and Secure in Mayfair

We provide managed services with safety in mind. Our commitment to health and safety is supported by being a SAFEcontractor accredited security company which means we invest more in having well trained health and safety aware security guards assisting any store or premises and its visitors.

Highly Trained Security Guards in Mayfair

As a business we put a priority on training. We provide a tailored training programme that details individual clients procedures, making sure our security officer is able to conduct their duties in a professional and efficient manner.

Mayfair Customer Experience Excellence with Fahrenheit Security

We deliver an excellent customer experience by:

  • Greeting customers and approaching them in a way that is natural and fits the individual situation

  • Demonstrating to our clients that we understand their needs

  • Being helpful to customers by letting them know we are there if they need assistance.

  • Being a pro-active deterrent in any given setting to discourage pick pockets, shoplifters and other criminal activities.

Temporary and Weekend Security Hire in Mayfair

As a business with a large footprint in Mayfair, we create the perfect solution by having the benefit of being able to be on site within minutes and flexible to the everchanging needs of the companies we work with.


If you are looking to replace your existing company then call us this week to find out how we can assist you and offer you peace of mind on a full time basis. There is no other London security business that can offer such a personal service day and night.

The Best Security Guards in Mayfair

Whether it is a short term or full time security requirement we will place on-brand security with a positive can-do attitude that will bring value through the service they provide.


Before carrying out any duties our officers undergo the following checks:

Criminal record

Right to work

SIA License

Personal references

Address History

Bank Statement

Proof of address

Luxury Retail Security Company With A Difference


By placing their business with Fahrenheit Security our Clients reap the following benefits:

  • A Security Partner with consultancy provided as standard

  • The highest levels of health and safety practices

  • Unsurpassed levels of training

  • Unique tailor-made solutions

  • Confidentiality

  • Round the clock supervision

  • Pro-active, educated and professional staff with a positive can-do attitude

  • On brand SIA Licensed and vetted staff

  • On brand, trained, SIA Licensed relief cover

  • Expert knowledge

  • Introduction to our network of contacts

  • Regular management meetings

  • A measured performance driven service

  • Significant cost savings to your business through our security strategies

Competitively Priced Security Guard Service

We price our services for full time services by the hour. The hourly rate depends on the service you require. Close protection and event security guard services are priced per job. We are able to give you an instant free quote today.

Mayfair Security Jobs at Fahrenheit Security

We provide both full time and part time jobs to the local community. We often advert on Indeed and other platforms where you can register for a free job alert if you are interested in joining the Fahrenheit team. If you have a valid SIA license then the doors are always open for you to apply.

Contact Your Local Mayfair Security Guard Company

Get in touch today. or check out our blog for up to date security industry articles.


Fahrenheit Security

34 S Molton St, London, W1K 5RG

Telephone: 02074095291




Plus Code: GV72+MG London

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Retail Security in Mayfair

Fahrenheit Security help retailers in Mayfair prevent crime in their store by using highly trained SIA licenced security guards to deter and prevent shoplifting, pick pockets and anti social behaviour in store. Call us today to learn more about using our Mayfair retail security guards, loss prevention officers, front of house security personnel and store detectives. 


Office Security in Mayfair

Your office security will be refreshed with Fahrenheit Security. We offer office security solutions to blue chip companies, hedge funds and property management companies that need a vigilant front of house security officer to help them reduce their vulnerability to trespass, burglary, theft, break-in, and other criminal activities.

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Commercial Security in Mayfair

We provide personalised security for a wide range of commercial premises in Mayfair. Our commercial property security guards ensure a warming, welcoming and reassuring presence for client staff and visitors. 

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Event Security in Mayfair

If you are looking for an event security company in Mayfair that have provided to Mayfair luxury retailers and high end establishments then Fahrenheit Security has the experience and the best event security guards to ensure everything goes smoothly and to plan. If you require Event Security in Mayfair, request an instant free quote today.

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Residential Security Guards in Mayfair

Residential security services in Mayfair whether you’d like a residential security team for your home and family or a mobile security patrol presence through your Mayfair neighbourhood we have you covered. 

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Night Security Guarding in Mayfair

Our night security guards services will stop intruders from gaining access to your property in their tracks. Our expert security guards that work nights only work nights. So you can rest assured our team aren't tired and are experienced in providing night security services.

Hotel Security Guard Agency in Mayfair

Competent and friendly hotel security guards offering a personable security service that meets the needs of hotels dealing with high profile clients and 5 star hotel customers. Our team of hotel security professionals in London have years of experience and have a well-composed team offering the best hotel security services.


Corporate Security Company in Mayfair

Fahrenheit Security is one of the best corporate security companies in Mayfair. With well-trained and professional corporate security officers that are capable, credible and reliable.

Our corporate security guards for hire are fully Security Industry Licenced. high quality and dedicated corporate security services only a phone call away.

  • What is a corporate security?
    Corporate security involves protecting a company's physical and digital assets, ensuring the safety of employees, and maintaining business continuity. At Fahrenheit Security, corporate security services are designed to provide comprehensive protection through highly trained personnel and advanced technology to safeguard businesses in London and beyond.
  • What are the essential components of corporate security?
    What are the essential components of corporate security? Key components of corporate security include: Physical security measures such as manned guarding, mobile patrols, and CCTV monitoring. Data protection and cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive information. Risk assessments to identify and mitigate potential threats. Emergency response planning to handle crises efficiently. Regulatory compliance to adhere to industry standards and laws
  • How does corporate security protect a company's assets?
    How does corporate security protect a company's assets?Corporate security protects company assets by deploying SIA licensed security guards who serve as a physical deterrent to unauthorised access, theft, and vandalism. It also uses advanced surveillance systems and real-time intelligence to monitor and respond to security threats, ensuring the safety of physical and digital assets, including properties, technology, and sensitive information
  • What do corporate security professionals do?
    A Corporate Security Officer ensures that the properties they are paid to protect are safe and secure such as technology companies, blue chip organisations and banks.
  • Why is a security guard service necessary for corporate businesses?
    Corporate businesses need a security guard service to provide surveillance, emergency response and customer service to deter criminal activity that may hinder normal business operations, such as vandalism, sabotage or theft.
  • What are the primary risks that corporate security addresses?
    What are the primary risks that corporate security addresses? Corporate security addresses a range of risks including: Theft and vandalism. Cyber threats and data breaches. Insider threats from employees or contractors. Physical safety hazards. Compliance and regulatory risks
  • How can corporate security contribute to business value?
    How can corporate security contribute to business value? Corporate security enhances business value by: Reducing financial losses through effective asset protection. Ensuring business continuity by managing risks and responding to emergencies. Enhancing reputation by safeguarding intellectual property and sensitive information. Improving customer and employee trust by maintaining a safe environment
  • What are the common threats to corporate security?
    What are the common threats to corporate security? Common threats include: Cyberattacks such as hacking and phishing. Physical break-ins and vandalism. Insider threats from disgruntled employees. Regulatory non-compliance leading to legal issues. Emergency situations like natural disasters or terrorist attacks
  • How does corporate security help in risk management and mitigation?
    How does corporate security help in risk management and mitigation?Corporate security helps in risk management by conducting thorough risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and implementing strategies to mitigate these risks. This includes physical security measures, cybersecurity protocols, and emergency response plans to handle potential threats proactively
  • What are the roles and responsibilities within corporate security?
    What are the roles and responsibilities within corporate security? Roles and responsibilities within corporate security at Fahrenheit Security include: Security guards and personnel for physical protection. Cybersecurity experts to safeguard digital assets. Risk assessors to identify and mitigate threats. Emergency response teams to handle crises. Compliance officers to ensure adherence to regulations
  • What are the benefits of implementing a corporate security policy?
    What are the benefits of implementing a corporate security policy? Implementing a corporate security policy provides several benefits, such as: Enhanced protection of assets and sensitive information. Reduced risk of financial losses and legal issues. Improved safety and security for employees and customers. Better preparedness and response to emergencies. Strengthened company reputation and trustworthiness
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