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We are security professionals who are dedicated to the provision of close protection services which are supported by our ability to deliver the complete package as a specialise security and bodyguard company. Our clients safety is our priority, we achieve this by delivering consistent high quality services.

Our high professional standards makes hiring a bodyguard easy and cost effective. Our close protection officers use their advanced training, security knowledge, expertise and guard skills to be your personal bodyguard and keep you protected.

Personal protection

Our Protection and Security Services include:


Tailored Private Security Solutions

Close Protection Operatives in London

Crime rates in London have been rising considerably in recent years. Compared to the national average, London's crime rate is at 141%. Burglary makes up 4.8% of all crimes reported in the region. The total number of reported burglaries is at over 52,000 per year. Regarding robberies, London's crime rate is 9% worse than the UK average. While thefts and armed robberies have recently also increased by 5% in London.

As a specialist security company we follow current crime trends and understand that criminals are targeting low hanging fruit such as wealthy individuals and high profile celebs, politicians or business executives.


Criminals hang around wealthy areas or stalk their victim before making their move. If you own a high value watch collection, antiques, art work, wine or live in a prominent area such as Hampstead, Chelsea, Knightsbridge or Mayfair then you may be considering personal security and bodyguard services. The nature of your work may also necessitate hiring a close protection officer.

Bodyguards protecting famous celebrity fashion designer Joshua Kane - Fahrenheit Security.

Bodyguard London


Executive and VIP Protection Services

Fahrenheit Security can operate and either a covert or overt extension of our principle's team. We have a proven track record of delivery in private security services; from Intelligence gathering, lead advice, technical surveillance, counter surveillance measures, security sweeps, high net worth individual personal security, executive protection, residential security teams, security consultancy through to personnel or asset movements and short notice emergency response.

Our professional bodyguards operatives are often from a military personnel background, they blend seamlessly into any London setting from business meetings to family outings to shopping trips in Central London.


We take pride in providing professional security services that are tailored to each client’s unique requirements. Fahrenheit Security provide bi-lingual close protection officers to individuals and families who seek discreet security solutions and either don't speak English or speak it as a first language to make your experience with us effortless. We can also provide to businesses should they wish to hire bodyguards for their guests who may be top officials, politicians, celebrities, executives or business magnates. Whatever your reason for hiring bodyguards London, Fahrenheit Security is here for you.

Fahrenheit Security Bodyguards protecting celebrity Heidi Klum at Maison Assouline, Rankin

We are a progressive security company that knows London intimately and understands the threats and risks associated with travelling and moving around the capital. We execute high-level security measures that focus on the 5 pillars of bodyguarding.

The Five Pillars of Close Protection Services

1. Physical Security - Physical Security translates to the tangibles in your home or business.

• Access to property
• Physical Assets
• IT Hardware
• Owned Vehicles

2. People Security - People are generally the upmost threat to a person's business or home, be it by accident or deliberate intent. People Security means to mitigate threats by keeping and eye on and a tight handle on the access and egress of persons.

• Permanent staff, Contractors and Subcontractors
• Partners
• Visitors
Special Events Security

3. Data Security - Data is both considered to be an asset as well as a liability. Whether it is the Intellectual Property of a business, or the personal data protected by GDPR, it needs to be handled with sensitivity. Data protection policies and procedures that cover the principles of GDPR must be administered to manage the storage and processing of data to ensure compliance.

• Trade Secrets
• Employee Data
• Database
• Customer Data

4. Infrastructure Security - Information Security means the intangible assets of your business. This is where data is stored and controlled. This must be secured to help prevent breaches and leaks.

• Networks
• Remote Sites
• Application Security
• Website
• Intranet

5. Crisis Management - To be prepared for eventualities is key to effective crisis management. Policies must be stress tested and revised mitigate risks.

• Work Procedures
• Emergency Response Measures
• Business Continuity Measures
• Disaster Recovery Measures

armoured car.jpg

The most important factor to ensure effective security is the people element. Our professional security teams ensure protecting of their principle and assigned location is achieved.
We combine highly trained bodyguard services with technology to ensure peace of mind and determine the likelihood of identified risks happening and, thereby, taking the necessary measures to protect our clients. The aesthetic aspect of our bodyguard services is about how a close protection officer conducts themselves and the way their image/attire. 

Our bodyguards in London and are always dressed to suit the client and environment. We ensure when hiring a bodyguard that the transport are directly connected by appearance and type to the security system we have put in place. 

Close protection in London is about providing practical solutions based on prevention. We study routes and plan accordingly with our local London knowledge. We carry out advanced reconnaissance and venue inspections. We also speak with staff local to the venue to find out about anything else that might be necessary or useful in helping us keep our client safe.

We have a team of ex special forces operatives who have service experience in complex or high-threat environments. Pathfinding and convoy security services in high-risk areas contribute to us providing the best close protection in London.

We follow an efficient and concerted method to make sure we provide the best bodyguard services in London at affordable prices. We've worked with many high risk and high profile clients, what has made us a success is their cooperation with our bodyguards and management. 

Fahrenheit Security has earned its customers trust by providing bodyguard services that guarantee 100% satisfaction. Because of our strong position in the security industry, we've managed to grow and mature in to a specialised private security firm offering all specific types of security solutions. If you are looking to hire security in London, don't look further than Fahrenheit Security for your London and UK close protection services requirements.

Corporate Event Security - Fahrenheit Security.jpg

Hire Close Protection Security Services London

We are not just another security agency, Fahrenheit Security go's further to understand the specific security concerns of companies and individuals who require security audits and executive protection services. The world's economic climate of today has increased the demand for dedicated bodyguard professionals in the UK.

Our unarmed UK bodyguards can recognise dynamic threats and can act fast to keep their principles safe, no matter what site or person they are assigned to.

Our bodyguards are known for their reliability, efficiency and attention to detail. are highly trained to provide security and safety for all those who have concerns about potential threats. Our close protection services come with the highest level of discretion as standard. This is because our experienced bodyguards are professionals at what they do.

Security Industry Authority Registered Bodyguards UK

All of our bodyguards have active close protection licenses registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA). This assures existing and prospective customers alike that our bodyguards meet SIA standards and are credible and capable. The Company and our bodyguards sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to commencement and job brief to guarantee discretion and privacy throughout our work and thereafter. You can hire our bodyguards for your personal safety or family's. Furthermore if you are looking to hire residential security in London check out our security guards service.

What sets us apart from other security companies is that we offer a personable bodyguard service. We have the latest technology which we integrate in to our service to offer better protection. This is one of the main reasons why we are customers first choice who need bodyguards.

Halcyon Gallery.jpg

Hire Bodyguards in London


We only assign SIA Licensed competent bodyguards who are capable of dealing with any challenges that may arise when they are on duty. We specialise in providing various effective and high-quality bodyguards that ensure our valued clients are adequately protected.

As a SafeContractor approved business that is companies house registered in England, our number one priority is to protect human lives. Contact us to hire a bodyguard with us and rest assured that your appointed bodyguard will be a team player and represent their customer well. We have a selection of the best bodyguard in London with unrivalled professionalism supported by specialist training and our head office vigorous screen and vetting procedures. We do not take anything for granted when it comes to our customers security. That's why we conduct a pre-mobilisation audit and assessment to take the necessary steps to ensure all bases are covered.


Our bodyguard Services London

We offer a range of security for hire and protective services tailored to meet everyday bodyguard challenges.

We understand the dynamic bodyguard risk factors associated with working in different environments. Your appointed bodyguard will be qualified and experienced to identify, detect, and mitigate associated threats. Your bodyguard will do their upmost to ensure you have your family, reputation, and assets are protected.

We often receive new customers by way of referral and repeat bodyguard business is the norm at Fahrenheit Security.


Why should you need a Close Protection Security Company?

The United Kingdom and London is not as safe as some people are led to believe, especially for the rich and famous. There are criminal elements who are looking for their next target.

It has even been known for tiger kidnap to occur where the gang will take your child or loved one hostage and demand a ransom for their release. There are also threats of armed street robberies, pickpockets and table surfing, car jackings and snatch and runs. So if you have high value assets or feel at risk, you may need to hire a bodyguard to keep you safe and secure.

Our bodyguard services can protect you in many scenarios, every situation is different and needs highly trained close protection operatives to can quickly assess the threats and make good judgment decisions to keep the client's life safe.

Our bodyguards undergo regular refresher training in not only bodyguard training topics such as counter-surveillance, venue security, route selection, risk and threat assessment but also first aid. Many bodyguards are evaluated at our head office prior to assignments to assess their fitness, knowledge and ability to represent the client in protecting their safety and wellbeing.  


Best Bodyguard Services in London


As a leading close protection operator in London we undertake both covert and high visibility personal protection services for our clientele that ranges from HNWI’s & corporate organisations to celebrities and royals. 

Image by Valerie Levay

Ex military Female Bodyguard Services London

We have a strong team of male and female bodyguards that have an extensive background in the military, police or private security service.


We will supply with immediate effect.

  • (RST) Residential Security Team London

  • (PES) Personal Escort Sections London

  • (SAP) Security Advance Parties London

  • (PPO) Personal Protection Officers London (Bodyguards)

  • Specialist ex-Police Officers and ex-Armed Forces Personnel

  • Transportation vehicles and aircraft (Armoured Availability)

  • Key Holding and alarm response London to property and people. 

Our bodyguards are from the very best in the world often ex military personnel with vast experience of domestic and hostile environments.

All Fahrenheit Security Officers are highly experienced and will provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Threat & risk assessment to the individual client 

  • Operational planning.

  • Law & legislation for the United Kingdom and other countries.

  • Fully search trained for small venues to large open areas.

  • All are advanced trained drivers with specialist vehicle techniques for assistance and escape.

  • Route planning for movement between places of work/home.

  • Anti-surveillance and counter surveillance trained by ex-MI5 Personnel and former Trident Operatives.

  • Preparing our clients for any situation that may arise

  • Assessing the strength of your security system to improve it

  • Mitigate any threats or criminal incidence from occurring

  • Handling all other security related tasks.

  • Protective hand to hand defence and firearms capability in countries where the law allow.


For further information when hiring a bodyguard in London at a low cost, contact Fahrenheit Security, the professionals when it comes to close protection.

  • What is a corporate security service?
    Corporate security guards will present a professional front of house experience and help your visitors and staff operate in a safe secure environment. Corporate security officers will protect both your business, valuable assets and staff.
  • What is a front of house security?
    Front of a house security will keep a physical presence in your reception area ensuring it is both safe and secure. Front of house security staff will direct visitors and accompany them to their destination, handle deliveries and conduct telephonic and electronic administrative duties as required.
  • What are the types of office security?
    Office security consists of protecting your premises and employees from physical abuse, vandalism, theft, and personal attacks; and protecting your business from corporate espionage both internally and externally.
  • What do corporate security professionals do?
    A Corporate Security Officer ensures that the properties they are paid to protect are safe and secure such as technology companies, blue chip organisations and banks.
  • Why is a security guard service necessary for corporate businesses?
    Corporate businesses need a security guard service to provide surveillance, emergency response and customer service to deter criminal activity that may hinder normal business operations, such as vandalism, sabotage or theft.
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