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Night Watch Security London

Our night security guards services will stop intruders from gaining access to your property in their tracks. Our expert security guards that work nights only work nights. So you can rest assured our team aren't tired and are experienced in providing night security services.

Some of the highlights from our out of hours London security services are:

  1. Fully Trained SIA Night Watch Security London

  2. Fully Vetted and Criminal Record Checked Security Team

  3. Supporting London Security Services Including Security Guards, Mobile Patrols, Key Holding & Alarm Response, CCTV

  4. Competitive Hourly Rates for night security in London

Night security guard.jpg

Various types of clients can benefit from our bespoke security services and hire security guards for their out of hours security requirements. So whether it's for shopping centers, restaurant retail security, carnival industrial, residential guards, CCTV systems or protections of assets we can provide SIA licensed security guards.

Lone worker Protection and Monitoring in London


A large number of our security personnel work our of hours at night. We have a 24 hr control room that checks on the welfare of our night guard security throughout the night, to ensure all is well at the security site and to provide support if needed.

We often equip our lone worker night security guards with GPS lone worker devices, these device can tell if the guard is moving or the guard has had a sudden fall, we take the health and safety of all our personnel seriously as do we the safety and the security of your site. We also install monitored cameras on sites with lone workers for proof of service and safety purposes.

Monitoring Room

Short Notice Security Guarding in London

We undertake night security works on a planned or reactive basis, long or short term at short notice. We have the ability to provide night security guards within four hours inside of the M25 to deploy a night security officer. 

Protect Your Home or Business Out of Hours with our SIA Night Watch Security Services

During the night you want to sleep easy and have absolute peace of mind that you, your family and your business premises are safe from burglars and potential situations.

At Fahrenheit Security our specialist night watch security guards service will provide supervised foot patrols.

We deploy our out of hours security guards at the times your business requires, so there will always be someone keeping watch of your premises 24/7.

We undertake thorough Internal and external checks to ensure your premises are secure and there is nowhere for criminals to hide.

Night security guarding.jpg

Deter Theft and Vandalism in London


Our dedicated night watch team will deter criminals from stealing anything from your premises. Suspicious events will be reported to you immediately, with CCTV monitoring in place.

With our physical presence at your premise combined with onsite CCTV not only do we provide the deterrence factor but we have all the features in place so that in the eventuality of an attempted break-in we’re on hand to tackle the situation so you don’t have to.

Having a physical security presence is an effective way of preventing anyone from accessing your home or business and the response to incidents is immediate.

Emergency service liaisons will leave you informed of any events which occur, but undisturbed.

Security Key Holding and Alarm Response Measures in London

Fahrenheit Security's night watch team are here to keep your property and valuables safe in conjunction with our key holding and alarm response measures to give you added peace of mind.

Key holders will allocate and manage all locks and keys, with specialist training given to staff.

Alarm response will be as quick as possible, making sure your property is repaired, such as boarding up windows.

You will also be protected from compensation claims made by security staff, as a detailed report will be conducted of each alarm response.

Offering alarmed response and key holding services you can put your complete trust in our ability to rapidly attend any suspicious activity.


Free Quote for Night Security in London

If you are currently in the market and obtaining free quotes from professional security companies to hire security guards for out of hours and night security guarding requirements then be sure to reach out. We are security industry specialists with our head office in London available to hire day and night. For further information about our night time security guarding service request a quote or call us today.

  • What is a corporate security service?
    Corporate security guards will present a professional front of house experience and help your visitors and staff operate in a safe secure environment. Corporate security officers will protect both your business, valuable assets and staff.
  • What is a front of house security?
    Front of a house security will keep a physical presence in your reception area ensuring it is both safe and secure. Front of house security staff will direct visitors and accompany them to their destination, handle deliveries and conduct telephonic and electronic administrative duties as required.
  • What are the types of office security?
    Office security consists of protecting your premises and employees from physical abuse, vandalism, theft, and personal attacks; and protecting your business from corporate espionage both internally and externally.
  • What do corporate security professionals do?
    A Corporate Security Officer ensures that the properties they are paid to protect are safe and secure such as technology companies, blue chip organisations and banks.
  • Why is a security guard service necessary for corporate businesses?
    Corporate businesses need a security guard service to provide surveillance, emergency response and customer service to deter criminal activity that may hinder normal business operations, such as vandalism, sabotage or theft.
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