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Undercover Anti Pickpocketing Service In London

Best Covert Theft Prevention In London

Experienced Theft Prevention
Comprehensive Anti-Theft Services
Strategic Surveillance Operations
Advanced Security Technologies
Effective Crime Deterrence Tactics
Rapid Response & Measurable Results

Discreet & Professional Service

If you need an expert undercover theft deterrent security service, call us for a competitively priced bespoke solution. Our clients see tangible results through recovery of their customers & stakeholders personal belongings.

Anti Pickpocket Service Mission Statement

"At Fahrenheit Security, our Anti-Pickpocketing Unit is dedicated to enhancing safety in London's shopping districts. Through covert surveillance and strategic partnerships, we've significantly reduced theft incidents, creating a safer environment for people visiting the stores and streets we provide this service to."

Collaborative Security Solutions


"We work closely with local businesses and the Police to ensure comprehensive security. Beyond crime prevention, we're committed to educating the community on staying vigilant. Together, we can create a safer shopping experience in London for everyone."

Tim Teixeira - MD Fahrenheit Security

20,000 Pickpocket Incidents

Protect Yourself In Westminster

With a staggering 20,000+ pickpocketing incidents reported in recent years for a 12 month period, Westminster really is an area that needs more of our services. Safeguard your customers belongings with our anti-pickpocket services and avoid them becoming another statistic.

5,300 Incidents

Stay Alert In Camden

With over 5,300 incidents recorded, Camden is a hotspot for pickpocketing. Don't let yourself be a target. Utilise our anti-pickpocket solutions to keep your customers and clients valuables safe and secure.

Take Action

Keep a safe environment in London's high risk boroughs

Whether you're in Southwark, Hackney, or Kensington and Chelsea, our anti-pickpocket services provide peace of mind. Don't risk falling victim to pickpockets. Take action now to protect yourself against these artful dodgers.

Reasons To Use Our Plain Clothes Pickpocket Patrol Security Services

What You Can Expect From Our Services

Anti Pickpocket Detection Service Areas

Our security service to stop pickpockets operates in London.

Protective Surveillance and Loss Prevention.jpg

How Much Does A Pickpocket Prevention Service Cost?

The price for this service is very reasonable considering the experience, training and expertise required to successfully deliver results. We offer a shared service solution in Central London as well, where the end-client benefits from heavily reduced rates. Call us for a free consultation. 

Client Testimonials

Alexander - Central London Client

"Best London security company hands down. Their customer service, responsiveness and professionalism has far exceeded my expectations. Having used other security companies in the past I can firmly say Fahrenheit Security has raised the standard. Big thank you to their security team."
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