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Our portfolio of Art Galleries require our front of house security officer to have certain type of finesse and confidence about them, after all they are responsible for the protection of assets that collectively are worth over £1 billion pounds under one roof. From the big smile welcome when people enter, to explaining the rules clearly. concisely and politely, to enforcing the rules, Fahrenheit Security does it all providing total security services. 

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Securing Museums in London

Museums and art galleries are a target for criminals due to the sheer value of their collections. These collections often consist of rare artwork and invaluable artefacts. As such, museums and art galleries require a effective security solutions that encompass security guarding integrated with hard security measures such as CCTV and alarms.

Having worked within the art sector for many years, Fahrenheit Security has a unique understanding of security measures needed to ensure that high value collections are well protected. Because of the collections resale value on the black market to unscrupulous buyers they are always on the radar of would be thieves and criminals.

We are the security company of choice for exhibition security hire as we have an in-depth understanding of the risks associated with managing artwork and visitors and the precautionary steps that need to be taken to ensure that the pieces stay in their place.


Fire risks in a London Museum

Fire risks are ever present and an ongoing threat. Fire can cause a lot of irreversible destruction within a very short space of time. Fahrenheit Security looks after the security for many London museums and galleries.


We ensure all gallery and museum security personnel and museum management are ready to act quickly and jointly to avoid trespass, damage or theft of any articles. We also make sure that museum security and museum staff know what to do in the event of an emergency and work to the same incident management response plan.


Proper preparation prevents poor performance and our proper preparation and support are some of the many benefits our many clients in the museums and art sector enjoy.

Security Training for Museums in London

Fahrenheit Security's exceptional visitor management and ability to identify threats through our vigilance is what sets our museum security officers and art sector manager apart from many other security companies who do not understand the art sector not foresee potential problems and thus not able put in place preventative measures. Our training programmes help existing employees be more aware of potential property risks and how to manage these effectively within their museum or gallery.


Museum and Art Gallery Access Control in London


It goes without saying that every museum or art gallery wants to protect their collections from theft or vandalism. The difficulty is striking the balance between creating a welcoming open environment for visitors whilst maintaining security levels. Fahrenheit Security helps museums and galleries achieve that objective and balance.

Security Consultants to Museums and Galleries in London

Fahrenheit Security management serve as consultants to art galleries and museum on all security related matters from security guarding and procedures to hard security systems inclusive of CCTV, alarms, display cabinets and anything that would otherwise affect the use of the building.


Security Planning for Museums in London

Once instructed by a museum or art gallery we identify the potential target risks, and then design a security solution around our findings by building and implementing appropriate security guarding resources and train them in purpose built procedures.

Museum exhibits are highly attractive and often portable with ease. Therefore, we ensure stringent monitoring is in place to enable the exhibit remains accessible but also under careful watch.

We carefully consider the exterior of the building and its entrances as well as internal areas and access control measures. We access the arrangements for methods of display for staff, visitors and researchers alike.

The gallery or museums events programme is also included in our security risk assessment with a fire risk assessment conducted in conjunction with any vulnerabilities highlighted. As well as consulting on fire alarms we examine fire doors and planned emergency routes and exits. Once this has been done we then look at existing security arrangements and surveillance levels, including standard operating procedures, key management and lighting levels.

From our assessments we build a tailored security solutions. The system will document a range of features to support deterring and preventing criminal activity. We note the limitations on supervision that can be achieved by museum staff and will recommend installation where applicable closed circuit television (CCTV),which can be monitored 24 hours per day. Therefore the camera operator can make good judgement decisions and decide what if any action is to be taken on any individuals acting suspiciously.

If criminal activity is detected a range of responses are available such as an audible alarm can be raised, the police can be contacted, on site security or museum management can be informed.

All cameras will be recorded so that incidents can be reviewed and used for evidence. Cameras can be installed in a non-obtrusive way, either covertly or domes can be used visitors do not know what way the camera is facing. Fire and intruder alarms are integral to any museums infrastructure. The police will be called automatically when there is evidence that there is movement out of hours in the gallery. An added bonus to the CCTV is the fact that nobody will be able to enter or gain access to the museum without the CCTV operators being aware.

Other security systems we feel that are highly relevant to museum security are access control, keyholding and alarm response for out of hours call outs. Lone worker protection for when individuals are working in a building alone, i.e. night security guarding.

London Museum Bag Checks

Some of the larger museums and galleries Fahrenheit Security operates at require bags to be searched when visitors and staff arrive at the Museum. It does not take long to pass through these bag checks and we thank visitors for their patience when helping us with this important security task.

If visitors or staff have large bags or suitcases that cannot be carried, they are left in onsite storage. This is subject to availability of space, so we recommend people to avoid bringing such items if possible.

A number of items are prohibited and will not be permitted into any of the Galleries or Museums we operate, these items are:

  • knives

  • pepper/CS spray

  • imitation firearms

  • other offensive weapons

  • alcohol

  • protest materials

  • fireworks and flammable liquids


The police are contacted should items that are illegal in the UK be brought to any of the Galleries or Museums we operate.


Art Gallery Security Guard Company London

When a art gallery or museum partners with Fahrenheit Security, we learn, adopt, revise, plan and execute the following measures:

  1. Duty to Protect the Collection

  2. Foreseeability of Crime

  3. Foreseeability of Crime Against the Collection

  4. Adequacy of Protection of the Collection

  5. Fire Protection

  6. Burglar Alarms and Security Electronics

  7. Key Control and Retrieval

  8. Security Training

  9. Security Officer Qualifications

  10. Internal Security

  11. Access Control

  12. Parcel Control

  13. Staffing

  14. Collections Storage Room Security

  15. Recommended Practices


We are the security experts when it comes to the protection of high value articles in the art and history sectors. For a secure and safe environment and protection of your art collections contact us today for a free security guard quote for future reference, our advice and receive a tailor made security solution.

  • What is a corporate security service?
    Corporate security guards will present a professional front of house experience and help your visitors and staff operate in a safe secure environment. Corporate security officers will protect both your business, valuable assets and staff.
  • What is a front of house security?
    Front of a house security will keep a physical presence in your reception area ensuring it is both safe and secure. Front of house security staff will direct visitors and accompany them to their destination, handle deliveries and conduct telephonic and electronic administrative duties as required.
  • What are the types of office security?
    Office security consists of protecting your premises and employees from physical abuse, vandalism, theft, and personal attacks; and protecting your business from corporate espionage both internally and externally.
  • What do corporate security professionals do?
    A Corporate Security Officer ensures that the properties they are paid to protect are safe and secure such as technology companies, blue chip organisations and banks.
  • Why is a security guard service necessary for corporate businesses?
    Corporate businesses need a security guard service to provide surveillance, emergency response and customer service to deter criminal activity that may hinder normal business operations, such as vandalism, sabotage or theft.
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