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How important are security guards?

Updated: May 27

Are security guards worth the cost?

It could be that you are looking to hire security guards but are questioning the cost. In this article we will explore the importance of security guards and in what circumstances is a security guard service worth the cost?

This article relates to home owners and business owners alike and describes the benefits of a good security presence. This is true in nearly any industry, including entertainment, construction, sales, pop-up shops, sporting complexes, parking garages, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and more.

What type of businesses require security guards?

Security guards generally serve to protect businesses that fall in to the following categories. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Jewellery stores

  • High end fashion stores

  • property management companies

  • construction site

  • Technology companies

  • Banks

  • Art Galleries

  • Auction Houses

Why do business owners need security?

if you answer yes to any of the following questions it is in your benefit to keep on reading.

  • Do you own a business that has a premises that requires access control for visitors and/or has valuable assets or a large amount of cash on site?

  • Do you run a licensed premises where people are often intoxicated?

Why do home owners need security?

  • Do you live in a high crime area? Have your neighbours or you directly been affected by crime where you live?

  • Are you often away from home and are looking for added protection for your family?

  • Are you a high net worth individual or a celebrity who may be a target for criminal acts?

So you have established that you have a need for security personnel. Having security is a luxury that many cannot afford so lets weigh up your security needs and potential threats against the cost to hire security officers.

Hire security guards as a business

How much do security guards cost?

If you are a business looking to hire a security company you will be paying £15's per hour exclusive of VAT. So 24 hour security would cost over £130,000 per year exclusive of VAT.

While just having security for 12 hour nights would come in at a cool £65,000 per annum exclusive of VAT.

Employing someone directly wouldn't be much cheaper as you would probably need to substitute the individual doing the security officer job with another security professional or security company when they are on holiday and sick leave. As you know temporary or short notice security costs more.

Hire Security for Personal Safety and Residential Security

How much does a close protection officer cost?

A bodyguard will cost around £300 + a day (exc vat) from a security company and from £180 + a day if hired directly. The price range is quite large as a number of factors are taken in to account when pricing a close protection job.

How much do residential security officers cost?

Depending on the type of accommodation/welfare facilities available for the security guards and your homes location and risk factor will determine the price. The range in price could be between £18 per hour and £30 per hour depending on the experience and calibre of security officer.

How much is your peace of mind worth?

Having a security guard there for your business or personal safety can help you go about your daily life with less stress and worry.

What can you expect a security guard to do?

Here are some of the security officer duties you can expect a professional to undertake:

  • Premises and personnel by patrolling property

  • Monitoring surveillance equipment

  • Inspecting buildings

  • Equipment, and access points; permitting entry

  • Obtain help by sounding alarms

  • Prevent losses and damage by reporting irregularities

  • Informing violators of policy and procedures

  • Restraining trespassers

  • Write daily reports.

What can you expect body guards to do?

  • Securing public locations before the principle attends public events such as award shows, conferences or other public appearances

  • Performing background checks for new employees, staff or vendors

  • Escorting the clients in public settings

  • Managing large crowds

  • Identifying suspicious behaviour or unauthorised people

  • Driving the client and safely fleeing the scene of a security threat

  • Checking for vulnerabilities at the client’s home and public venues

What are the benefits of hiring security guard for your business?

The following are some of the benefits associated with hiring guards from one of the best security companies in London.

  1. Protection of your business

  2. Prevent crime, secure areas and maintain order

  3. Good customer service

  4. Protect people both staff and customers providing safety and wellbeing

  5. Take lead in certain emergency situations such as administer first line first aid and perform cpr.

  6. Undertake regular safety audits

  7. Utilise security cameras and other security guard equipment

What are the advantages to hiring a security guard for your home and family?

  1. Security Guards can monitor your home security systems and provide immediate reaction and response

  2. Security Guards Can Deter Potential Criminals

  3. Protection

  4. Don’t Hire a Security Officer Unless You Have A Specific Need

  5. Control access to your property such as take deliveries

  6. Flag suspicious activity in your neighbourhood that you otherwise wouldn't see.

Overall are security services worth the price?

In our expert opinion, if you identify yourself, your family, your business or your valuables at risk of crime that you cannot protect to a satisfactory extent by other means then professional private security guards are definitely worth it. The risk mitigation needs to outweigh the cost. If you don't know if it does then start making us an informed decision by contacting us for a free quotation.

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