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Looking to hire a security guard company in London?

Updated: May 27

Looking to hire a security guard company London?

In all parts of London and beyond we provide security services that encompass niche environments requirements including luxury retail, premium retail, corporate, residential and high value warehouse security.

All our clients' requirements are unique and our security solution for providing protection reflect these requirements. Contact Fahrenheit Security for a free security guard quote today either via email or phone. / 02074095291.

security guard in London
Fahrenheit Security Guard In Dior

An authority in the security industry

As an authority in retail security with a proven track record, we design custom retail security and loss prevention solutions with the client's input and provide safe environments in our clients' businesses and teams. Our highly trained and smartly dressed security officer's are all SIA licensed in their field of expertise.

Short notice, no problem

For any short notice security needs in the greater London area from protection of public figures to head office concierge security to vacant property services to key holding and alarm response.

A Complement of London security services

There are many security companies in London that provide security services to businesses and individuals. These companies offer a variety of security solutions, including security guards, mobile patrols, and CCTV systems.

When choosing a security company in London, it is important to consider your specific security needs. Some companies specialize in certain types of security, such as event security or retail security. Other companies may offer a more comprehensive range of security services.

It is also important to consider the size and scope of the security company. Some companies only operate in London, while others may have a nationwide or even international reach. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose a security company with a wide reach or one that is more local and has in-depth knowledge of the city or area. This is where Fahrenheit Security come in, we are specialists in London and know challenges faced on different streets and different areas from Camden Town to Chelsea to Mayfair & Knightsbridge to Stratford to White City.

Finally, it is important to consider the cost of security services. typically companies charge by the hour, so it is important to get an estimate of how much you will need to spend on security guards or other security solutions.

Whether you need event security, retail security, or concierge guards, there is a security company that can help you feel safe and secure. If you are looking for security services in London, there are many options to choose from, including specialized security companies that offer a range of services.

Are you looking for reliable London security services?

When looking for security services in London, it is important to find a reliable company that can provide quality and trustworthy security guards. Some key factors to consider when evaluating security companies include their experience, reputation, and responsiveness. Other important considerations include the types of security services they offer, such as manned security patrols, security monitoring systems, and security training programs.

Reputable security company

Ultimately, choosing a reputable security company that is based in London will help ensure the safety and security of your property or business. So if you're searching for high-quality security services in the city, look no further than Fahrenheit Security! We offer a comprehensive range of security solutions to fit your needs, and our team of security experts are always on hand to provide the best possible service. Contact us today to find out more about our security services and how we can help you.

Then contact us! Fahrenheit Security covers London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin to a range of clients providing the finest security personnel. Our SIA licensed security guards are dedicated to providing bespoke security services under one of the leading security companies, Fahrenheit Security. Our role in protecting London's assets and people is important to us.

Risk assessed security solution

All of our solutions are delivered once a risk assessment is completed in order to meet our clients security requirements. This means we deliver highly trained security guards.

Safe contractor approved security company

As a private security services safecontractor approved company and one of the best security companies we are suited to construction security environments where health and safety is paramount.

Services provided by Fahrenheit Security

Services provided include mobile patrols, Door Supervisors, CCTV Operators, Security Guards, front of house security operatives, retail security officers, loss prevention officers, concierge security and Close Protection Officer. Fahrenheit Security excel in providing professional security guards for all your security needs.

Reasons to choose Fahrenheit Security

Fahrenheit Security is one of the leading security companies in London with years of expert security experience in providing security. Ideally placed to deliver well-balanced thorough security. Fahrenheit Security is a safe contractor accredited company, the safety and security of our clients' and their customers is critical. Our security guards cover a variety of premium and luxury retail stores, corporate buildings, art galleries and auction houses.

We protect property and secure assets ensuring the safety of our clients and their business in London. Not only during the day but also at night when their premises are closed with our key holding and alarm response service and mobile patrols service ensuring their property is properly secured. If there is alarm activations we will provide incident reports and ensure your central London property or business is secure until your arrival by our security staff.

Beyond the private security service, we operative a real-time intelligence service to detect criminal activity utlising fully trained SIA licensed security guards in line with security industry authority requirements to deter criminals operating in their area.

Intelligence networks in Central London

We also offer an intelligence network subscription security solution to clients and those that do not have a regular security guarding service. This intelligence service acts as a pre warning system to our clients.

Our London security guards are professional and prepared for your business and its security needs. Conflict management are used in changing, dynamic environments . Our security guards training emphasises flexibility and adaptation while delivering a friendly personal touch security solution.

London Alarms

We are partnered with London Alarms who are security professionals and provide intruder alarms, access control and CCTV systems. Contact us today so we can help you,

A Super Competitive Market in London for Security solutions

London is one of the most fierce markets in the world for competition between security companies. You have the SIA approved contractor and the other established companies along with aspiring entrepreneurs looking to supply security staff. When looking at potential service providers you need one that understands the dynamics of London. Two of the directors at Fahrenheit were born in London and have lived here all their lives working in the security guarding industry for the past 15 years.

What makes a great security company?

As London security companies have become more popular in recent years, there is a growing demand for quality services that can help protect both people and property. In order to be considered a great security provider, a company must have several key qualities, including a strong reputation, financial health, well-trained staff who are SIA Licensed, the use of modern technology in their operations, and experienced management with proven expertise and transparency.

Key Indicators

If you are looking for London security guards services, these key indicators can help you find the right company for your needs. So what makes a great London security company? Let's take a closer look at some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a security guarding service provider.


The reputation of a London security company to provide security guards is one of the most important indicators of its quality and effectiveness. A reputable security provider will have a strong track record of delivering reliable security services that meet the needs of their clients. In addition, they will typically have positive reviews from past clients, indicating that they provide high-quality personnel at competitive prices.

Financial Health

Another key factor to consider when choosing a security service provider is the financial health of the company. This can be determined by looking at things like their annual revenue, profitability, assets, and overall financial stability. A security provider that is financially healthy is better positioned to deliver high-quality services and adhere to industry best practices.

Trained, competent and capable security staff.

In addition to having a solid reputation and strong financial health, a great security company should also have well-trained and SIA Licensed security staff. This means that the security guards they employ are fully trained in security practices, regulations, and protocol. It is also important to ensure that their security officers have the necessary skills and expertise to effectively protect your property and personnel.

Modern technology

Another key factor to consider when choosing a London security services company is whether or not they utilize modern technology in their operations. Today's London security services companies often use advanced surveillance systems, access control software, alarm monitoring services, and other innovative tools to help improve security on-site. By investing in these cutting-edge technologies, security providers can provide more comprehensive protection for their clients.

Evaluating potential service providers

When evaluating potential London security services providers, it is also important to consider the quality and experience of their management team. A security company that has experienced, knowledgeable, and highly-competent managers will be better able to identify security threats, assess risk, and implement effective security measures. In addition, a security provider that is transparent in its operations will be more likely to build trust with its clients.


Overall, when choosing a security companies in London, it is important to look at a range of factors including reputation, financial health, staff training and licensure, use of technology, and management expertise. By considering these key indicators when evaluating potential security providers, you can find a security company that meets your unique needs and provides reliable protection for your property and personnel. Make sure you meet the owners face to face and ensure they understand your vision and what you are trying to achieve. Contact us today for a free quote and arrange to meet the owners of Fahrenheit Security either via email or phone. / 02074095291.

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