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Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Retail Security Guard - Fahrenheit Security

Updated: May 27

Luxury retail security
Are you a retailer looking for security?

Running a fashion retail business in Central London can be challenging. You not only have to manage inventory, staffing levels in a competitive and tight labour market as well as monitor customer service, but you also need to seriously understand the security and loss prevention of your retail business. Security is a crucial part of any business, especially retail stores that can only turn a profit if they sell their stock.

There are many good reasons why you should consider to hire retail security services for your London stores. Here are our top five reasons to Fahrenheit Security for your store security guard service.

1. Fahrenheit Security's Retail Security Guards Will Complement Your Customer Service Program

Uniformed SIA security guards performing front of house and patrol duties in store will become a trusted member of your store team. In your customers eyes there will be no distinction between Fahrenheit Security and your brand. Our security guards provide a big welcome upon entry, provide assistance to customers and members of the public in need, direct customers to your sale staff and give a sense of safety and wellbeing to your customers. This in turn leads to elevated levels of customer service and generally better customer engagement and satisfaction levels. Fahrenheit Security's luxury retail front of house security operatives who work on Bond Street, Sloane Street, Mayfair and Knightsbridge make a positive impact on customers perception of the store according to recent client satisfaction surveys and mystery shop results.

Carnaby Street Security Services
Carnaby Street Security Guard Hire

2. Retail Store Security Guards Deter Crime

The presence of Fahrenheit's high quality security personal makes your business less attractive to would be criminals. Ask yourself, what is easier to steal from. A store with an engaged, proficient and well presented security officer or one without a security presence? Our security guards at Fahrenheit can help prevent shoplifting, vandalism, and other crimes from happening in your store.

Our specialist retail security can also deter people from loitering around your store, which can make customers feel unsafe. This happens regularly in Central London on wealthy streets such as Bond Street, Sloane Street and Kings Road, Chelsea where kids, teenagers, young adults, vagrants and professional beggars harass customers for money. This in turn gives the area a bad reputation and puts off shoppers who will frequent safer environments such as Harrods, Selfridges or Liberty Department Store instead.

By having security guards physically in store they are able to instantaneously respond to emergencies as and when they arise. our security guards are first aid trained and put through scenario testing to handle emergencies from medical incidents to bomb threats to citizens arrest.

4. Improved health and safety in your store with Fahrenheit Security

By hiring retail security services from Fahrenheit Security we can help you as an additional set of eyes and hands to monitor and manage store health and safety on a daily basis. Our ever present store security officers can place wet floor signs on a rainy day, take care of customers umbrellas, mitigate the risk of slips, trips and falls in store by being proactive and ensure crowd control during peak trading periods to prevent overcrowding and risk of injury as a result.

Soho Security Service At Night
Soho Security Services

5. Enhanced Retail employee monitoring

At Fahrenheit Security we operate a strict non fraternisation policy as one of the biggest causes of theft is internal. Every retail business hopes they can trust every employee. While most are there to positively contribute to the business, some are there to take on the sly.

Some employees may try to slip cash into their pockets or small merchandise into their purses. They may try and leave the store with your product in dry cleaning baskets, deliberately leave items untagged for their accomplice to take and many more ways which we as retail security experts are familiar with. Our security guards can monitor your employees and we can conduct internal investigations to weed out internal threats.

Fahrenheit Security's final thoughts on hiring retail security officers in London

Hiring retail security services for your retail business is a wise move. Our security guards can provide many benefits to your fashion or jewellery store, including deterring crime, dealing with criminal activity, responding to emergencies, and improving your customer service. If you are looking for ways to improve the security of your retail business, consider hiring Fahrenheit Security as your London security company

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