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How much does it cost to hire a private security guard for an event

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The easiest way to find out exactly how much it is going to cost to hire an event security guard for your private event is to search for security companies near me on Google.

Event Security Guard in London, UK
Event Security Guard Agency in London

Your aim is to pick three potential security agencies to provide for the event. In order to do so be methodical in your approach by following these steps:-

  1. Look on security guard company websites (Do they have pictures of their security officers? Does their website look legit? Do they have a physical office and mainline telephone number?)

  2. Call their office telephone number and ask for a quote. (How quickly do they pick up, do you get transferred to the correct person or do they need to give you a call back? Do they give you a price over the phone and follow it up with an email? How responsive are they? Do they ask any questions about the event or show interest? If they aren't responsive with the initial call they generally won't be when it comes to delivering the service!)

  3. Obtain three written quotes from three different event security companies near you and weigh them up. Score them on price, presentation of quote, interaction with security company representatives, delivery method (will they have a manager present to induct them or a supervisor present at the start of the event etc). There are so many operational questions you can ask, just make sure you are comfortable with the information provided by the security companies who have quoted for the event and you understand enough about each offer to compare and make an informed decision.

The secret in finding the best event security company for you is to not be shy. Don't be a passive buyer and just send an email. This way won't give you the same feel for the event security company you are entrusting the safety of your event with.

Questions to ask an event security company when looking for a quote?

With our years of experience working in the security industry it is easy for us to come up with probing questions if we ever were to enquire about hiring event security services.

Here are our top 10 questions to ask before making an event security guard booking.

Experience Questions - When You Request A Quote From Event Security Guard Company

1. What kind of events have you provided security for in the past?

2. Do you have a specialist event security guard section?

3. Can you provide me with two references of whom you have delivered event security for recently?

Qualification Questions - When You Request A Quote From Event Security Guard Company

4. What qualifications and licences do your event security hold?

Management Questions - When You Request A Quote From Event Security Guard Company

6. Will your Security Manager be present to set up the event security guards?

7. Can you provide radio equipment to link up security and the events management team?

8. Will there be a security briefing with the events team before the event and what is the general agenda?

Pricing Questions - When You Request A Quote From Event Security Guard Company

10. How much do you charge per hour and is it inclusive of exclusive of VAT?

How much do we charge for event security guards?

It generally costs a minimum of £120-£150 exc VAT per event security officer in Central London. This price would be based on a private event that lasts no longer than six hours in duration.

Duration, type of event, number of persons attending, location, alcohol being served and many other factors can affect the price to hire a private security guard for an event. It is always best to obtain three quotes from local providers and speak with them over the phone before proceeding. Pick up the phone and speak to us today for a free event security consultation and quote.

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