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Event Security | Event Security London Company | Fahrenheit Security

Fahrenheit Security provide extremely high quality event security services​ for all types of events. Here are a few examples of some types of London events we provide security for:-

Sample Sale Security

When it comes to sample sales, it is important to balance the volume of bargain hunting customers and security. We make sure that our event security guards are able to handle the high-pressure, fast pace environment and keep things running smoothly with our crowd control procedures. This enables our clients to concentrate on selling whilst we focus on securing.

Fahrenheit Security has a team of experienced London event security officers who are more than up for the task. We will work with you to create a custom security plan that fits the specific needs of your event.

Concerts and music festival Security

Concerts and music festivals can be huge undertakings, but with the help of our event security officers, they can run smoothly and without incident. We will work with you to create a security plan that takes into account the unique needs of your event, including crowd control, security screening, first aid, CCTV systems and more.

Corporate Event Security

From product launches, office openings, to milestones and Christmas parties, corporate events come in all shapes and sizes. But one thing they all have in common is the need for businesses to have top-notch security.

Fahrenheit Security's team of event security officers in London are experts in providing security for corporate events. We will work with you to create a custom security plan that takes into account your specific needs ensuring it is a successful event with our support.

Wedding Security

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you want to make sure it goes off without a hitch. That’s where our event security services come in. We give peace of mind knowing your loved one's and memorable moments will be protected with our security service.

Celebrity Appearances Security

When it comes to celebrity appearances, security is of the utmost importance. You need to make sure that your guards are able to handle the furore and keep things running smoothly.

Fahrenheit Security has a team of experienced event security guards who are more than up for the task from crowd control to conflict management. Whether it’s a red carpet event in Central London, or a meet and greet, our security staff will make sure that the principle is protected and the celebrity appearance runs smoothly and without incident.

Charity Event Security

Charity events often draw celebrities as detailed above you can rest assured our highly trained and professional staff will protect your London event.

Special product releases & Limited Edition Fashion Drops Security

There is often a lot of hype surrounding special product releases and with the hype comes the resellers.

Resellers in recent years have become more aggressive and creative with their methods to get that limited edition piece. From queue jumping to having a range of wristbands at the ready our security guards are well versed and have the pre planning to combat whatever the advantageous throw at them to ensure a safe and fair environment for customers.

Store Openings Security

Our management team have handled a plethora of store opening events throughout their careers from the likes luxury brands such as Fendi & Dolce & Gabbana to Streetwear brands such as Wood Wood and A Bathing Ape we have the experience under our belt to deliver the perfect launch event security services.

Film Premier Security

Delivering security at red carpet events is one of our forte's. Our fully trained, professional SIA licensed security guards will ensure the safety and protection of guests at the venues they service. From pre planning to execution we deliver every time.

Private Event Security & Private Parties

No matter what type of private party you’re throwing, security should be a top priority. Fahrenheit's security guards with their excellent customer service skills are perfect for smaller occasions where you want that wow factor and person touch.

Auction Security

Our clients in the auction house sector are very exclusive and contact Fahrenheit to support with a range of auctions throughout the year across the UK. If you are looking for a manned guarding service company for your auction site get in touch and see how we can help.

Sports Event Security

With sports comes drama, let us keep the drama to the sport with our sports event security services.

Gaming Tournament Security

We have experience in providing security services to the UK's biggest and most exciting gaming arena's. These tournaments attract people from all walks of life, so for a down to earth security service be sure to reach out to us.

Press Event Security

Contact us to support your press event, ask to speak with Paul when you call us on 02074095291. With our core services covering the vast majority of clients requirements from access control to event security guards we deliver a serious yet friendly service.

Photo Shoot Security

Do you have an upcoming watches and jewellery movement or watches and jewellery photoshoot? We have a range of B6 armoured vehicles and ex-military highly trained close protection officers to protect your property.

Are you looking for a reliable event security company?

With over 60 years 21st century experience between the management team at Fahrenheit Security we are the security London experts. Not only do we have the know-how, we have competent, professional event security guards who work the circuit throughout London and the UK.

What makes an effective event security team?

Teamwork between co-operating SIA Licensed security guards who possess excellent communication and observation skills as well as traits such as confidence, empathy, honesty and integrity. Once you nominate us as your approved contractor you will be able to contact us for support at short notice for your security needs.

Peace of mind for your event and guests

For first impressions and peace of mind, Fahrenheit's security guards will give your event that professional finish. Men in black conscious to deliver the highest quality services in London.

Our supervisory mobile patrols check in on our event security guards and offer on site support where required. Fahrenheit Security is a company that cares.

The cost of hiring event security guards will vary depending on the risk and length of the event. In general, the typical cost of event security guards hire in the UK varies between £20 and £50 per hour exc of VAT.

However, the cost of manned guard hire in London for a longer term event starts from as little as £16.00 an hour exclusive of VAT.

Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this article. If you contact us with your service request we will ensure a swift turnaround with a fair price for an excellent service.

Factors that Affect Security Companies Price

  1. Fixed number of regular hours

  2. Full-time position

  3. A one-off event (and the day of the week it falls on plus timings)

  4. Value of goods and associated risk

  5. A short term niche requirement

How much security do I need for an event?

If you have searched Google you will find "expert" articles citing one security for every 100 guests is the right ratio. Others will say one security for every fifty guest. These assumptions do not take in to account the various factors such as the type of venue, guest list/ ticketed/ open to the public, nature of the event and the potential threat posed by the event. (I.e. What is the worst case security scenario?)

For example, one event security guard may be sufficient for a 50-person private house party that just needs access control, First Aid, and evacuation services. Having a visible presence can serve as a visual deterrent to opportunists.

Yet a gig with 500 party goers may require one security operative per every 50 customers depending on the venues own H&S and/or license requirements.

What is public event safety?

Providing and maintaining a safe and secure environment for event attendees at public events is a key part of event management.

When an event is planned it must be ascertained if the venue requires a licence (Licensing Act of 2003) which will police alcohol being sold. An event where this licence is required may stipulate that SIA licensed security officers are required and also how many may be required.

All events should have a competent person undertake a health and safety risk assessment. Larger event management companies may utilise the services of a Health & Safety representative to advise on matters such as crowd management, parking management, bag searches, Police liaison, medical services and how to ensure the wellbeing of the general public and attendees.

The larger the event the more planning will be required. Don't expect a professional security company to to be available to provide event security at short notice, they are often booked out well in advance!

Contact us for a free quote for event security

Get in touch today for your London security services and if you have any questions. Also, check out our blog for up to date security industry articles, in-depth information on our manned guarding services and clients testimonials. Our event security London team is open to take your call between the times of 09.00-18.00hrs 7 days per week.

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