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How to get an event security job

Demand for Event Security Guards is Higher Than Ever

For thousands of fans who love to cheer for their team and dance to their favourite musicians, the past few years saw athletic, musical, theatre and even private events out of action with the lockdowns. Many sporting events were held indoors in private with no crowds and as such security was minimal compared to normal.

The number of SIA badge holders has dropped significantly since the lockdowns and increased training requirements as well as inherently low pay for a tough job. Many people have switched to better paid jobs outside of the industry and haven't renewed their three-year SIA badges.

Now events are back in full swing, we have seen a big demand for event security guards but a low number of qualified professionals which has resulted in pay rates for event security guards being pushed up considerably. This makes it a great time to get in to the security industry as an event security officer.

Event Security Officer Role and Responsibilities

Being an event security officer is a very responsible job. You are often responsible for the safety of a large number of people whether it is searching persons for weapons or crowd management for thousands of attendees. Any neglect or misjudgement could have serious consequences.

Your responsibilities as an event security officer at a large venue can include scanning tickets, directing ticket holders, searching people and their bags with wands and X-Ray machines. Also you will need to have a good working relationship with the Police as their will be unattended bags that are left on occasion that will require you to cordon off the area and wait for Police assistance in case of a terrorist threat. Good communication skills are necessary to communicate any potential issues or threats such as over crowding, suspicious behaviour or anti social behaviour and deal with it appropriately.

If you are up for an exciting role in event security on a full time, part time or casual basis contact Fahrenheit Security today.

Event Security Potential Risks To Consider

If your event is outside, the weather will have a huge impact on how your security operations are conducted. Attendees may suffer from dehydration or even heat stroke if it's sweltering outside. People who are exposed to cold weather run the risk of developing hypothermia or frostbite. In addition, there is always a chance of a storm, which could ruin tools and endanger guests' safety.

Even the most compliant groups can become disorderly mobs in the presence of alcohol. Security personnel should be extra watchful at events where alcohol is given and when overindulgence is a possibility in order to manage crowds effectively.

It's not rare for individuals to get sick or hurt in a crowd that size. It's crucial that event planners have a plan in place for people who encounter a medical emergency, and that security personnel keep an eye out for anyone acting in a way that could endanger their safety or show symptoms of disease.

The kind of emergency that might occur will also depend on the sort of event and the demographic of the attendees. Drug overdoses, for instance, are regrettably frequent at electronic music festivals aimed towards young folks.

At huge gatherings, there are also frequently reported incidents of minor theft and damage, albeit most of these crimes are committed by a small group of people. However, security personnel should continue to be watchful in spotting and apprehending prospective thieves and vandals.

Any event carries the possibility of a serious accident. These significant disturbances are frequently unrelated to the event itself. Security personnel should have a response plan in place to handle any significant situations, whether it be a protest that disrupts the event peacefully or an act of terrorism.

Having plans in place for nearly anything is typically necessary while getting ready for a huge event. When creating response strategies for your event, your security team should take into account the following two factors. After all, prevention is always preferable to treatment.

A fair idea of the types of disturbances your forthcoming event can experience comes from past occurrences. Security personnel should discuss a response strategy for each incident that happened at previous events.

How To Become An SIA Licenced Event Security Officer

1. Ensure you are eligible to obtain a door supervision security licence

Before booking the door supervision SIA course, make sure you can work in this industry because you will need a licence to work in event security.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • Proof of your ability to work in the UK is required.

  • A criminal history check is required.

  • You must be in good mental health.

2. Register for and take your course

We recommend to use the search tool on the SIA website to find training providers that offer security courses in your area. We have provided the link here: Training Provider Search Tool. Unfortunately you won't be able to do distance learning when training for your licence so pick an approved training provider close to where you live.

Once you complete and pass your SIA training course and receive your qualifications you will be able to complete the Security Industry Authority application and apply for the license you have trained for. Should your application get approved and you receive your license you will be able to work in the security industry.

When looking for security work, remain calm and rest assured in the knowledge that once you are licensed you can now apply for security officer jobs at Fahrenheit Security.

3. Submit your SIA application and make payment

After completing your training, you must submit your information along with the £230 licence cost for the SIA DS licence. You need a licence to work as a security guard in the UK.

4. Once you obtain your SIA licence apply for event security jobs with Fahrenheit Security and other security guard companies in London.

Simply visit our security jobs page and send across your details online.

Earning Potential as an Events Security Officer

Event security guard jobs pay between £13 to £15 per hour on average with Fahrenheit Security. Even though event security assignments come up on as and when it can be an excellent side hustle from your regular day job.

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