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How to get a job as a SIA Door Supervisor

SIA Door Supervisor - Fahrenheit Security
SIA Door Supervisor

To become a Door Supervisor in London you will need to have the correct security qualifications. If you have been reading our blog you'll already have the knowledge on how to become a door supervisor. If not then dive right in and start your career in the security industry by reading our previous blog post on how to become a security guard in London

Once you have qualified and have registered with the SIA and obtained your Door Supervision SIA License you then need to create a polished CV to stand out from the crowd and apply for jobs by phone and email. Remember you won't have as much experience as other security guards so it is important to make sure you stand out from the crowd. You can't teach determination, so don't take no for an answer!

When you have secured an interview for your perfect security job, make sure you take all the required documentation to the interview and wear a black suit to interview to look the part and make a great first impression with your future partner security company.

Do your homework before your interview and research the security guard company London by visiting their website and reading their online reviews. Make sure you turn up to the interview 10 minutes early and bring a notepad and pen and come with security job interview questions to ask them.

All of these key pieces of information will help your application against other security guards and improve your chances of being selected for the role.

You can start your security job application with Fahrenheit Security right now. We are always searching for new professional security talent with a positive attitude. Apply online today and we will be in touch to arrange a security job interview with you at a time that works for both of us.

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