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Security Concerns For The Rich and Famous

Influencers, social media stars, TV celebrities, actors, film stars, business moguls and politicians should seriously consider their approach to their personal security and security for their home and family. Their perceived riches attract attention from criminal elements making them a target by organised gangs looking for their next job.

This article highlights why high profile high net worth individuals need to invest in their security and includes a few examples of high profile people who have been subject to robbery and burglary in recent times.

What are some of the worries high profile people have?

Unfortunately in the UK and further afield burglaries and robberies hitting wealthy are widespread. More and more people in the public eye are becoming wise to being potentially vulnerable to criminals and are being proactive in putting in place preventative measures to keep themselves safe and their property secure.

Kim Kardashian - Fahrenheit Security
Kim Kardashian - Victim of Crime

Having a stalker is a nightmare scenario, it can quickly come out of nowhere when an over exuberant fan follows their hero or someone who is unhinged takes an unhealthy and obtrusive interest in their idol's life. In addition to the danger of stalking, celebrities and their loved ones are more likely to be kidnapped for ransom or blackmailed. The paparazzi sometimes over step boundaries to get that money shot by invading their subjects personal and private space.

What technology do the rich and famous use to protect their homes?

A-listers and public figures often engage with security consultants who keep abreast of the latest cutting edge technology to keep their residences as safe and secure as possible.

In order to defend their properties they can utilise algorithmic AI technology which automatically detects possible dangers and sends out notifications to their residential security team of personal protection team to make an informed decision on what action to take.

They can also deploy laser perimeter protection, remote cctv monitoring, biometric scanners, fog bandits, window vibration sensors, panic rooms and much more to protect their properties and themselves when inside of their property.

Whilst today's technology is excellent it is no good unless there is a human being that can respond to the threat. That is why Fahrenheit Security is the residential security guard company of choice in areas such as Chelsea, Hampstead, Maida Vale and other affluent London areas. We deter and repel hostile reconnaissance and threats to our clients.

Security Guard Company for my home
Residential Security Company in London

What famous people have been victims to burglary and robbery?

Just to prove that no matter how high profile you are or even if you put certain security measures in place you can still be a victim to crime at home or abroad.

  1. In a lavish Parisian apartment, Kim Kardashian was held up at gunpoint, and her possessions, valued at $6,000,000, were stolen.

  2. In 2010, the supermodel Kate Moss had priceless artwork stolen during a break-in that may have been deterred had she invested in better home security measures.

  3. Paris Hilton reportedly lost more than £1.5 million in jewellery in a burlgary.

  4. In 2015, singer Rita Ora was at home when a robber broke in and took items worth £200,000.

  5. The same year, a serial burglar targeted Simon Cowell, breaking into his west London house and stealing jewellery valued at about £1 million.

Organised Criminal Gangs Convicted of Burglary

Crime statistics reveal that just 14 arrests are made by UK police for every 100 burglaries. In recent years, three gang members were sentenced to prison for carrying out "Britain's greatest ever domestic burglary" during a crime spree that has been compared to the plot of a Hollywood film.

In a string of raids on celebrity houses over a 13-day span at the end of 2019, more than £26 million in cash, jewellery, and diamonds were taken. It took excellent Police and detective works to put this gang behind bars.

Their victims included the late Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, socialite Tamara Ecclestone, ex footballer Frank Lampard, and his wife Christine.

Many people that become famous do so overnight and it is important for them to confront the real dangers that are prevalent with having high status in todays global society.

It makes sense that the security aware wealthy and famous opt to invest in their security. There is no getting around the fact that those who live their lives in the public eye attract the attention of thieves and criminals who seek to maximise their reward. However, high profile people in important positions are currently protecting themselves by using the services of reputable security companies like Fahrenheit Security.

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