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Top 4 Security Solutions for your Business or Home

At any time of day security is a crucial service to assist keeping a company's employees, customers, and property secure. Fortunately, there are many different security solution types, all of which are suitable for various businesses in various ways. The six different security solutions that may be used to make your company a safer and better place to work are covered in this blog.

1. Access Control, Fire Detection, CCTV and Alarms (Hard Security Measures)

The design, installation, and maintenance of all security systems required by a service partner are managed by an internal team using the security solutions combination of access control, fire detection, CCTV, and alarms. These three services give businesses more protection and peace of mind, adding further safeguards to make sure their operations are as secure as possible.

What are the benefits of Access Control, Fire Detection, CCTV and alarms?

  • These services integrate technology tools into your company that make it simple for you and your company to manage who has access to your buildings and locations, track any fire dangers, and keep an eye on specific regions whenever you see fit.

  • It offers protection and detection services around-the-clock.

  • Knowing that your business is secure from various attacks eases your mind.

2. Security Guarding (Soft Security Measures)

For a business seeking a safer and more secured front of house, a concierge security solution is ideal. Typically, places that provide hospitality, like hotels and restaurants, will have this kind of security. However, they can also be implemented for medical facilities, educational institutions, and even some larger corporations.

A security guard will be capable of doing a variety of tasks including

  • CCTV surveillance

  • Answering calls

  • Keeping an eye on who enters your building

  • Greeting and welcoming guests

What are the benefits of having a concierge?

  • They save time and money by combining the duties of a security guard and a receptionist into one.

  • Visitors to your property are placed in a safe and secure environment thanks to them.

3. Mobile Security Patrol Service

Mobile Patrols are different from a typical security solution in that, rather than having a security guard on your property all the time, you have one who will visit at predetermined or arbitrary periods to inspect the inside and/or outside of your facilities. If you are worried about energy waste, vandalism, crime, or possibly even unwelcome occupants, you can also ask them to visit at various times during the day or night.

What are the benefits of Mobile Patrols?

  • Mobile patrols are an excellent option if you don't want a regular security guard on duty.

  • They provide the same sense of protection as security guards provide, but they are only present on the grounds at predetermined times.

  • They can inspect the interior and exterior of the building or buildings to ensure everything is secure and safe.

  • If you have lone workers who might be on the property early in the morning or late at night, provide safety and assistance.

4. Key Holding and Alarm Response Service

An alarm activation services include an accredited security professional attending your premises if there is an activation.

Although there are a number of probable causes for your alarm system to have sounded, some of which may not necessarily indicate criminal activity, it prevents you or a staff member from having to enter a potentially hazardous scenario.

Unfortunately, there will always be times when you are unable to be at your place of business; examples include late at night and on national holidays. What happens then if an emergency arises or an alarm is triggered during these periods, requiring you to visit the property?

Fortunately, that's where critical storage services excel. By handing a reliable security firm a key to your property, you are enabling them to manage operations while you are away from the property or until you can.

What are the benefits of a key holding company responding to your Alarm Activations?

  • Not everyone will be at ease with the thought of going to their location when the alarm goes off. This is especially true if you will be alone and it will be evening. The fear is eliminated by hiring a business to respond when an alarm is activated.

  • Instead of having to jeopardise your personal safety, a professional member of the security personnel will respond to the call on your behalf.

  • A skilled security officer will keep you informed of any problems.

  • They can conduct a thorough investigation of the structure to check for any signs of vandalism, theft, or criminal activity.

  • Keep yourself secure and please your insurance provider regarding lone workers.

  • Any calls to your property that are not absolutely necessary do not require you to respond.

  • Sometimes you can discover that an alarm is set off without any apparent cause, and if you need to go to your premises, you might feel frustrated about being awakened or about the time it takes to get there.

  • To handle break-ins and other emergencies, your Key Holding company has fully trained and dependable security guards on staff. This eliminates the need for you or your staff to attend and prevents a situation where you would be working alone, which could potentially jeopardise your insurance coverage.

Do you need any these types of security solutions for your business?

At Fahrenheit Security, we specialise in offering our clients specialised security solutions to guarantee the safety of your personnel and workplace. We have been providing all of the security services listed above to our clients for many years.

Why would you use Fahrenheit Security?

1. We are a reputable, private security company with experience in retail security, corporate security, commercial security and residential security services.

2. You can choose and choose the services that are specifically tailored to your needs thanks to our competent management team, service partners, and trained staff.

We are a small enough company with the resources, expertise, and heart to care.

3. Throughout the contract, we'll use the most recent technologies to give the best degree of service while continuing to innovate.

Get in contact with one of the team for further information on how we can help:

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