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Can You Hire Armed Guards In The UK?

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In the UK, firearms are used for a variety of reasons. Only 5% of all police personnel in the United Kingdom, including Wales, Scotland, and England, are armed police.

When on duty, a significant proportion of police in the United Kingdom, with the exception of Northern Ireland, are unarmed. On the other hand, police force is recognized for employing a specialized weapon unit to address major events involving weapons.

However, in the current state of fear due to the overall rise of terrorist attacks across Europe, British citizens are definitely worried about the overall safety. Some of them are even casting doubts with respect to the legitimacy of the unarmed police officers.

This is the reason why some consider that in the instance of the police officer who died while serving at the gates of the Parliament at the time of the Westminster attack, it could have been avoided if the police officer would have been armed.

Private security businesses in the UK are not permitted to provide armed protection. As a result, it is impossible for private security firms such as bodyguards to guarantee your full safety by utilizing firearms in the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, only the Protection Command of the London Metropolitan police, as well as other specialist cops, provide armed protection.

Only royalty and high-profile royals, government officials, diplomats, and foreign diplomats are entitled to armed protection. The request for the offered service will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The Home Secretary will make the decision.

It must be important enough in the national interest (all evidence suggests that the danger is more likely) or there should be a terrorist threat. The ministry of defence can also deploy military personnel to support the Queen of England. The Queen's Guard, British Guards, and Queen's Life Guard (called King's Guard and King's Life Guard when the reigning monarch is male) are the names given to contingents of infantry and cavalry soldiers charged with guarding the official royal residences in the United Kingdom.

The London Met is the only senior police force in the UK to use specialized units which specialise in guarding royalty. The RaSP (Royalty and Specialist Protection) or Royal family protection cops, for example, are known to draw their weapons when the overall security risk appears high.

Which is Better: Armed or Unarmed Protection?

Unarmed Protection

Bodyguards protecting celebrity VIP fashion designer in London

Private bodyguards are typically trained in their area of expertise in order to maintain the asset or principle) safe and secure at all times by using whatever means necessary.

They are well-known for carefully planning each and every move of the main while on tour. They are also in charge of preparing the necessary paths for avoiding non-go areas or congested roads that may be particularly vulnerable to vehicle hijacking.

They must also request the clients to avoid crossing areas where demonstrations are taking place, as the overall security of those who may be nearby could deteriorate while harming the general safety of people in the area.

Unarmed security personnel or persons must be aware of their surroundings in order to detect unusual behaviour and react quickly to danger, allowing them to swiftly move the primary to a safer location.

A professional bodyguard is supposed to be skilled at conflict management. Because they are not allowed to carry weapons, the use of force can be considered a last resort when all other options have been exhausted.

This means they are less likely to want to do anything that could be seen as risky, since it is their legal duty to act responsibly. They could also be held personally responsible if the operation was illegal and they needed to defend themselves in court.

If they are not left with any other possibility, then a bodyguard is known to respond to the respective attacker understanding that most of them are known to master the utilization of martial arts or could be trained in some form of unarmed combat.

Many close protection agents are former military or police personnel who have experience in this new role. They may be able to use their knowledge to help you.

Protection for commercial executives is not required by law, but it can be a good idea to have it. Some people think that the best way to protect commercial executives is to use covert protection, which is also known as protective surveillance. This means hiring a private security company to watch and protect you.

Bodyguards are generally known to blend in with the principal's background and conceal themselves or avoid drawing attention by keeping a vigilant eye all the time to ensure safety and well being of the principle.

The Armed Security Officer

The Metropolitan Police in London has a team of people who protect government and visiting heads of state officials. This team is known to provide armed protection.

Given that the team is known to have comparable skills to those of private protection agents in terms of Close Protection, contingency and event planning, hand-to-hand combat, and so on.

However, more extensive training has been shown to give them with new skills that have been verified and licensed by the College of Policing, such as operating equipment and shooting with it while understanding how to utilize the tools.

The work of PPOs (Personal Protection Officers) has recently been portrayed in the leading TV series "Bodyguard" by David Budd on BBC.

The overall representation of the given work on BBC is not accurate. The reality is far from what is shown. Police officers receive a lot of training. They have to learn how to do their job and also how to use a gun. They need to pass a test before they can be a police officer.

It is expected out of them to maintain the respective shooting skills while getting reassessed on an annual basis for keeping hold of the permit with respect to keeping police firearm. They are mostly known to operate in large teams in simple clothes carrying around the firearm that has been concealed in some way. The principal’s close protection is usually unconcealed and is observed as some deterrent method of keeping the public away.

The specific sort of security is recognized to be preventative rather than aggressive. In the circumstance that the PPO is required to fire someone in order to protect the principle, he or she will be personally accountable for his or her actions while needing to justify the usage of the weapon as a reasonable act in court.

The court is going to assess whether the need for self-defense was "endemically urgent" in order to shoot in order to prevent a crime under Section Three of the Criminal Law Act of 1967.

Firearms Training & Bodyguards

Several international businesses, including British ones, are known to provide armed security services for protecting individuals in hostile environments throughout Africa and the Middle East.

There are many service providers that provide security for superyachts and maritime security. However, there are only a few internationally recognized firearms certifications. The business in the United Kingdom is known to rely on the services provided by Weapons Competency courses.

Many experts in the European and British security business note that the industry search, selection, vetting, and training of Close Protection officers is not adequate. This creates a security provision which has its range of ability kept at a minimum which will be affecting the delivery of protection and safety of the principle or asset.

Is it possible to hire armed bodyguards in the United Kingdom?

It is presently unlawful for any individual from the general public to carry a weapon in the United Kingdom. This includes both professional bodyguards and SIA licensed guards, according to Article 16 of the Private Security Act 1998 (amended 1998).

As a result, no type of private security, including bodyguards, can provide complete protection with the aid of firearms in the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, gun control legislation is well-known. It is the country that takes pleasure in having the lowest rates of gun-related violence in the world.

Since the time of 1997, the process of privately possessing handguns as well as other weapons classified in the category of firearms including tasers, CS gas, pepper spray, and other similar items, has been completely banned in the UK under the Firearms Act of 1997.

In the year 1996, a school mass shooting occurred at Dunblane Primary School, in which approximately 16 children were killed.

Should the United Kingdom Take Another Look at Its Decision on the Use of Firearms?

While the United Kingdom is known across the planet for restricting the use of firearms for close protection to only a few and specific police personnel (who must be trained in weapons by government bodies), other European nations, such as France, are well-known for reviewing their armed security policies.

They appear to be working in tandem to better address the global terrorist problem while simultaneously increasing safety risks all over the world. The French government has now authorized private bodyguards and security personnel to carry guns in exceptional circumstances if they are subjected to a high degree of risk.

In this instance, it should be stated that the personnel have received specialized training in order to implement armed security in the nation. It will be fascinating to track the entire close protection sector in the country and see how they respond to the use of firearms for specific security activities.

France has a number of advantages when it comes to security. For example, their security sector is more developed on several fronts than the United Kingdom. This includes things like training, licenses, and other aspects of the security field.

The United Kingdom has not been doing well lately. It will need to do a lot to raise its standards. The country is very far behind, and having officers with guns in the private security field is too much. This will definitely start more debates about whether the United Kingdom should change its current gun policy.

If you are still unsure about your personal safety in the United Kingdom, consider hiring bodyguards. Make sure that you hire someone who has the proper training and skills to protect you. Bodyguards can provide close protection services in London. If hiring an individual ask for their CV, references but to ensure you are protected by the best call Fahrenheit Security.

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