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Is being a security guard a good career choice?

Many people embark on the journey to become a security guard and then follow a fruitful career in the industry thereafter. Some people like the challenges that come with a career in security, while others like the responsibility and authority that comes with the position.

The security of people's lives and the need to maintain the safety of the premises requires the security guard to possess a high level of maturity in order to succeed and climb the ranks.

Since a security officer's role is to safeguard people and property, you'd need to be in reasonably good physical and mental health and have the will to act swiftly and effectively when unexpected things happen. Therefore you must be decisive and be able to make correct decisions in the spare of the moment.

The majority of people choose this line of work as a means of fulfilling their sense of public duty, but this comes with the requirement that you have enough self-assurance to challenge others when something doesn't feel right. The officer on duty must be quick and have a keen understanding of other people's behavioural patterns because it is not always easy to see problems.

Of course, there are many benefits to the profession as well. Security personnel are held in great regard, and without them, there would undoubtedly be a higher chance of criminal behaviour or malicious intent.

There is also the social side, as you will meet new people in a variety of social settings, which may make your day quite entertaining and funny.

The ability to use your skills anywhere in the world is another advantage of choosing this profession. from upmarket retail shops to corporate offices to VIP events.

Would you still think about a career in security now that you are aware of the requirements? If yes, what aspect of the role most appeals to you?

Five pros of being a security guard

Security guard career - Fahrenheit Security
is security guard a good career?

1) Each day is unique. This is particularly true if you work at several locations or at places where you interact with hundreds or even thousands of individuals each day. With someone you'll probably never speak to again in your life, you'll have some of the most fascinating talks. When you tell the stories, you will learn things about humanity that many would not believe. Working in security can be quite intriguing. Keep in mind that you only receive out of this work what you put into it. You can work in the security sector if you are driven and compassionate.

2) You'll get to go places and see things that most people only dream of. Have you ever desired a position where you could regularly go behind the scenes? Security is that.

3) You can network with people in many industries and develop a wide range of business relationships. Depending on the sector you work you will interact with nurses, doctors, financiers, politicians, and performers.

4) To a certain extent, you can create a schedule that fits your lifestyle. This is a 365-day, seven-day-a-week, around-the-clock business. You can work as much or as little as you want.

Five cons of being a security guard

1) Long Hours. At most sites it is expressly written that you can't leave until you are properly relieved. This means that you may be close to finishing an 8 hour shift when you receive a phone call from your supervisor or manager stating that your relief has just quit and they're working on finding a replacement.

2) Violence The healthcare industry is without a doubt the most brutal industry to work in. Depending on the city you're working in and the client's policies, you might have to deal directly with patients who are under psychological restraints, difficult patients who attack nurses or doctors, distressed family members, people who are naturally non-compliant, and people who pose a threat to the safety of the people you are responsible for protecting.

The final resort when working in security is to put your hands on someone. However, engaging in physical contact with another person is inherently risky, and each time you do so, you put yourself in danger of suffering major physical harm, it is not for everyone.

3) Holidays and family gatherings are often missed. This is especially true if you are middle management. I have frequently worked while missing holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, children's birthdays, anniversaries, and a variety of other important occasions.

4) Working alone, remotely and unsocialable hours isn't for everyone.

0=2 Years - Security Guard

2-3 Years - Security Supervisor

3-5 Years - Control Room Operative / Mobile Supervisor

5-7 Years - Area Manager / Contracts Manager

7-9 Years - Regional Operations Manager

9-11 Years - National Operations Manager

1. Event Security Officer - £15 per hour (Average)

2. Retail Security Officer - £12 per hour (Average)

3. Corporate Security Officer - £11.05 per hour (Average)

1. Being a security guard is rewarding

A security guard's primary responsibility is to safeguard the persons and property that are under his charge. People feel secure and at ease knowing that someone is watching out for them. They frequently appreciate the security guard's presence. The potential intruders and other criminals are deterred by their presence. In this manner, a security guard is on par with a police officer, if not a superhero. Can we possibly ask for more?

2. Being a security guard helps your remain compos mentis

The line of work develops cognitive abilities like reflexes, observation, focus, and judgement. These abilities are necessary to detect criminal activity as well as to stop detrimental situations. Years of experience enhance gut instinct, making it easier for some people to recognise a hostile person or detect the burning of electrical lines. We are very familiar with what to do in an emergency.

3. Being a security guard is a multi faceted diverse role

In addition to providing security, we also carry out a number of other tasks based on the particular requirements of a client. For instance, in addition to performing his fundamental duties, a concert security guard is also responsible for controlling traffic. We may assist and accompany visitors as your receptionist. We can inform customers about the products in our capacity as retail store security guards. In the event of a medical emergency, we can also do CPR and first aid. We simply go above and beyond our responsibilities.

4. Every day is different as a security guard and a new challenge awaits

Every day, we deal with crises like vandalism, burglary attempts, shoplifting amongst many other anti social and criminal activity. Being the first line of defence, we must deal with all of these situations to safeguard the safety of the numerous lives and their assets, as well as our own. As security officers, it is our responsibility to keep a continual eye out and remain vigilant for unusual conduct in the designated area.

A security guard must keep precise logs and put together daily reports to give to the following shift. When they are placed in a situation where they must deal with unruly, dangerous, and angry people, the problems become even more difficult.

5. As a security guard your always learning and developing

We gain trust and learn the necessary skills in this job. Additionally, developing trust and becoming a people person all boil down to having the proper mindset. When you use your expertise to protect people, there is no feeling like it.

By this point, hopefully you've realised why we enjoy running a security guard business. We rank among the most reputable security guard service companies in London thanks to our love for our work.

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