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What are security guards allowed to carry in the UK?

Do security guards in the UK have more powers under the law than the general public?

In the United Kingdom a SIA licenced security guard, door supervisor or close protection officer has no more rights than a general member of the public. However security guards are trained in the law and therefore generally know their remits better than the average citizen.

Can security guards in the UK carry weapons?

Under no circumstances are security guards permitted to carry weapons of any kind. This includes everything from firearms to knives to blunt trauma or spring loaded weapons such as batons and truncheons.

What can a security guard carry to protect themselves in the UK?

An SIA licenced Security officer in the UK is permitted to carry personal safety items such as radios, location trackers, flashlights and handcuffs, which is the same as any law abiding citizen.

It is against the law in the UK for private security personnel or any member of the public to carry weapons like guns and knives. Security officers are trained in physical intervention and conflict management strategies that they can use to safeguard both individuals, assets and companies.

Can SIA security use handcuffs on me?

Civilians are not prohibited from carrying handcuffs by UK law. Security personnel who have received SIA licencing do not have any different rights or legal status to other citizens. A SIA security officer can only use handcuffs if they can prove it was necessary and appropriate to do so under the circumstances. Failure to prove it was reasonable force to use handcuffs on you could result in legal ramifications on the security officer.

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