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How You As A Landlord Can Keep Your Property Safe and Secure

According to recent research in 2022, your property is 5x more likely to be broken in to if you don't have the correct security measures in place. Landlords should be particularly concerned about this because it is your duty to ensure the safety of your tenants and their belongings. Also if the property is void and being let a burglar could do a lot of criminal damage. When burglars break in not only do they steal anything of value they can also smash the property up , cause arson or defecate. In larger commercial properties criminals are known to strip the property of its copper pipes and other valuable metals. This results in massive repair costs for the landlord. Suddenly that attractive investment property wont be giving the expected return.

You should therefore consider how to guarantee the security of any commercial property or residential dwelling you rent out.

Increasing your properties security measures are the logical solution in this situation. But what actions should you consider taking? In this article we explore multiple actions property owners can take to boost their security.

Install CCTV at your home and then have it monitored

Making sure your property has CCTV cameras inside and outside would be the first step. If you own a warehouse, for example, you should install CCTV around the perimeter and at the entrances to capture any attempted break ins. CCTV signage should be put up on the gates as a deterrent.

CCTV will guarantee that you will record any damage to your investment property such as fly-tipping, or vandalising the surrounding area. This will help with any insurance claim you have to submit as a result of criminal damage.

It is definitely worth while outsourcing the remote monitoring of the CCTV system, especially if it is a closed site with little or no regular movement as the cost will be low to do so. Alternatively you can monitor it yourself if you are a bit of a night owl. CCTV acts as a deterrent while monitoring gives you peace of mind, especially if you have a movement detection alert system set up.

A intruder alarm will warn you and the authorities of a potential break-in. Having an alarm is probably the most basic security measure you can take for your properties security so it is very much advisable to make sure that an alarm system is installed. An alarm sounding at full volume can be enough to startle the burglar enough to abandon the break in in order to get away scotch free. These days your smart device will send you a push notice informing you of the location and which room has been activated. Additionally an alarm system can autodial your key holder or the Police to make way.

Invest In Gated Security

If you haven't got fencing or gates surrounding your commercial property for security purposes you might want to consider installing a perimeter security system with gates. This gives access control and guarantees that neither the building nor the surrounding area can be entered by anybody other than you, your tenants, or authorised workers. This is especially crucial if you have a private parking for tenants because vandals and criminals will always target that area.

Nothing beats a physical presence to act as a deterrent against crime such as trespass, vandalism and theft. Our mobile patrols can provide security that extends beyond a single property by moving around and monitoring various sites, as well as providing services such as internal and external patrols. We at Fahrenheit Security understand the importance of visibility, thus we will supply fully uniformed mobile security guards in marked patrol cars, as well as highly visible boards at access and exit points if necessary. Our security personnel are trained to respond to a wide range of security scenarios, so you can expect a quick and effective response if any suspicious or criminal conduct occurs. We can also undertake property inspections to check there is no internal damage such as water leaks and take metre readings.

Hire A Static Security Guard For High Risk Void Properties

Your security worries regarding unoccupied buildings can be handled by our London vacant property security guards.

  • Intruders, thieves, and vandals enjoy creating costly issues for company owners of abandoned buildings. We are prepared to assist you in resolving this issue because we recognise that it might be a troubling one.

  • Our security guards can watch over your London property inside or from a vehicle outside, depending on your personal requirements, the needs of the location, and security standards.

  • Accessible through our response and reporting system are daily, weekly, and monthly reports. As a result, you will always be aware of what is happening.

To make London's business community safer, we consistently go above and above. We strive for excellence, and as a result, we are the top provider of unoccupied property security.

Key holders are the first to be alerted to an alarm and respond to a possible intrusion. Due to the associated risk and potential insurance liabilities this role does carry, it may not be ideal to put this responsibility on to an employee.

Keyholding companies such as Fahrenheit Security are equipped with trained SIA licensed personnel, ready to be despatched in the event of an alarm system sounding. An alarm response service that provides a professional, responsible and accountable service to your home or business premises to deal with a potential security breach and is fully insured to do so will help give you complete peace of mind.

Obviously a 5 star alarm response service comes at a price, but for the assurance that your in safe hands no matter what time of night it is really worth the money.

Fahrenheit Security take the worry out of attending an alarm with our rapid response alarm response security services in London.

Don’t Settle For Less, Get The Best Security With Fahrenheit Security

Are you considering improving the property's security? The best situation for you and your tenants is what you desire as a landlord. That is precisely what we offer at Fahrenheit Security. We have the security systems required to guarantee that your property won't be targeted as a "easy touch," so you won't have to worry.

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