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How to secure your home when you are on holiday

You’ve packed your holiday clothes and are looking forward to a week or two away under the sun. Have you considered how secure your house will be while you are away, meanwhile? Thinking on security now is a good idea because many burglars are content to wait for the ideal chance when a house will be empty for a longer period of time before they attack.

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The following are some top home security tips and precautions you can take to secure your home while you are on holiday:

Make Sure Your Windows And Doors Are Locked

A lock should be placed on every door, including inside doors such as the garage door. The best approach to ensure that windows can't be readily forced is to lock them, so doing so should be a top priority for your security.

Once everything is locked, hide the keys and make sure they are out of the letterbox's reach. Don't give sly burglars a chance; keep the keys in a drawer or elsewhere out of sight. Some cunning burglars use hooks to reach keys to open front doors.

Join The Local Neighbourhood Watch

Get to know your neighbours and have regular conversations with them if you want your home to remain secure while you are away. The best method to guarantee that someone will be nearby who will notice if something is awry while you are away is to do this. The equivalent of this in a more formal setting is a neighbourhood watch.

Install A Security System

Install a burglar alarm before you go if you don't already have one. One of the greatest methods to deter a burglar is with an alarm, which should also scare them away if they do manage to break in.

Even though many alarms are disregarded and frequently considered a nuisance, your neighbours will be aware that this is a true burglary and not an accident if you let them know that you will be away.

A smart tip is to install motion sensor lights in your garden to deter intruders from approaching your home silently and breaking in. The best option to light up the area is to install lights at the front and back of your home.

Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

A burglar who has staked out a place will want to be sure that nobody is inside before breaking in. To plant a seed of doubt and turn them off, you might put lights on a timed switch and even turn on the radio. Whatever you do, don't remove the window coverings only halfway and leave them there because nothing shouts "I'm on holiday" more than this!

Put Valuables Away In A Safe And Secure Place

Even though prevention is always best, you don't want to make it simple for a burglar to enter your home. Make sure to secure items like motorcycles to immovable objects and conceal valuables so they can't be readily stolen.

If your home has locked drawers, utilise them for smaller items like jewellery and any cash you may have. Electricals should be organised and kept out of sight as well.

Read our articles and blogs for additional guidance on keeping your property safe and secure, or get in touch with us for a free security assessment if you're prepared to take action. Celebrities with high net worth and high profile are among our clients, and we recently celebrated our 6th anniversary.

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