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How to pick your best suited security company first time

Common Problems with security guarding companies

I have lost count the amount of times, I have visited a prospective client that has been let down by their current provider in more ways than one.

Common pitfalls of our supposed "competitors" that I hear regularly are as follows

  1. Security guards not interested in the job

  2. Chronic lateness

  3. Inappropriate behaviour

  4. Poor dress standards

  5. Lack of communication skills

  6. Never see the management

  7. Receiving different security guards all the time

  8. Security on their phone

  9. Security's lack of positive body language

  10. Failure to deliver what they were originally promised

and the list goes on....

The majority of security guard companies hire business development managers/ sales managers. These business development executives have sales targets and have a lot of pressure on their shoulders to deliver. This often results in a stack it high sell it cheap unaccountable service. The clients are often promised the earth and are delivered a suit filler security service that offers little or no added value to the client and their customers. This is because sales drum up the business and then pass it to an operations manager who isn't incentivised to run additional contracts and there your problems will begin. The touchpoint you started with has disappeared before the contract has even began. Do not fall in to this trap, look at Fahrenheit Security's solution.

The Fahrenheit Security Solution

The Fahrenheit Security Directors have over 40 years experience in the manned guarding industry and deliver a service that has ironed our all the issues highlighted above.


1. Clients accounts are sold and managed by a Director of the business so you don't ever lose your original touchpoint.

2. Our management and directors know all of our security officers on a first name basis. We spend our time visiting our clients and security operatives in the field ensuring the service being delivered is that which has been promised.

3. We offer same day resolution to any issues


4. The Directors, alongside the dedicated account manager will recruit and handpick SIA Licensed staff who are consistent, capable, credible, dedicated and presentable.

Trained Relief Teams

5. Consistent, trained relief team in place for the full-time security operative’s day off. We also have a street support team that can provide emergency assistance.

Fit For Purpose Training

6. Structured Director led scenario based training delivered to the security team.


7. A SafeContractor approved company that delivers a Covid secure service.

Central Head Office Location

8. Our Head Office is in Mayfair enabling excellent supervision and response of local security guards and clients.


9. We firmly believe we offer a truly exception value for money service. We position ourselves within the gap in the market where we provide exceptional customer service and security at a very reasonable and transparent rate.

UK Wide Capabilities

10. We have capabilities to provide in Manchester, Glasgow and other major UK cities and towns.

If you feel that you may benefit from looking an alternative security service partner for your company then do call us on 02074095291 or email us at for a free no obligation consultation. We are happy to help get in touch now.

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