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High End Security for High End Property

If you own a multi million pound property, you’ll need a specialist security system designed with man and machine in mind to suit your lifestyle needs.

Mansion Security - Fahrenheit Security
Mansion Security Guarding

High quality security systems involve assembling a full service security system supported by a physical security presence that takes no chances, rather than merely using a camera and an alarm!

You can buy practically any security tech to secure your property with general off-the-shelf protection, but it takes the experience of a reputable high end security service like Fahrenheit Security to ensure that every conceivable scenario is covered.

In a high-end home, you have more to safeguard, such as jewellery, cars, works of art, and interior furniture. Additionally, if you are a well-known influencer or celebrity, you run an even greater risk of being broken into. In reality, there have been a number of high-profile break-ins in recent years, including those involving socialite Kim Kardashian, Jonathan Cheban and singers such as Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus and Kanye West.

The best technology needed and accessible to adequately secure the high value property and its owners makes up a high end security solution for a residential property. Here are a few examples of the technology we might advise using:

  • Confirmed Alarm Activations: When an intruder enters your property, this alarm is transmitted to the owner or property management.

  • Automatic Tracing Cameras: When an alert feature is activated, PTZ cameras can automatically follow intruders and persons of interest.

  • Unrecognised Movement Alerts: Using facial recognition technology, an alert can be set up whenever a stranger or unauthorised person enters your home.

  • Invisible Laser Barriers: Receive a warning if an intruder crosses an invisible lines

  • Audio and visual alarms that can also feature a siren, a strobe light, or even a spoken message that activates from a camera once an intruder's presence is detected to deter potential burglars.

  • The PTZ cameras: To acquire a full view of the surveillance area, pan-tilt-zoom cameras move or rotate the camera in different directions. These cameras can also zoom in to see more detail of security incidents. With the help of pre-programmed scans of the property, the pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities makes it possible to monitor bigger sections of a luxurious home with just one camera.

All of this security equipment may be combined into a clever security system that can be operated by an on site residential close protection officer.

Security Chauffeur and Driver - Fahrenheit Security
Security Chauffeur and Driver

A one-size-fits-all strategy is incompatible with high end security solutions due to the specifics of the lifestyles of high end property owners. This means that in order to safeguard your home, family, and everything else that is vital to you, you will need a multi-layered, custom security solution that is created specifically for you and your needs.

Fahrenheit Security offers customised home security solutions and upkeep for large executive properties, private offices or studios, remote and rural properties, and private estates and grounds. We work with high-end home owners, including celebrities and influencers. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let's talk about your alternatives if you're seeking a professional security company whose directors have over 40 years of security experience in bespoke, high-end security guarding and security consultancy. Additionally, we provide customised security services and solutions for commercial premises.

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