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How To Secure Your Commercial Property

Updated: 2 days ago

Commercial Property Security
Commercial Property Security - Fahrenheit Security

Taking lead of a building's security can be a daunting task that is often amplified when it's a large commercial premises. A break-in would not only affect you but also your staff and business as a whole.

We make it as straight forward as possible for you to protecting your business, Fahrenheit Security has experience working with a variety of properties and can help you evaluate the hazards at your site. We work with many different types of property. Here are some pointers to begin with if you are thinking about protecting your home.

Risk Assess Your Business Premises

Work with us as your security expert counsel who can evaluate the threats at your commercial property and recommend cost effective security measures to mitigate risks. Being in charge of a company's security is a serious obligation and working with the best security partner from the start can ultimately save time, money and stress.

Your commercial building's weak spots will be highlighted by our confidential risk assessment. We'll then provide you a selection of choices for commercial security that we believe best fits your requirements and budget.

We like a layered approach to security where we integrate hard security systems such as access control, CCTV and alarms with soft security services such as security guarding. This creates a proactive defensive security system that protects our clients.

External Security

Access control will monitor who enters in to your commercial property. These systems enable you to manage access whether you or your security team are on-site or remotely. We will also take a look at perimeter barriers and fences and make sure they are all intact and not easily able to get over or through.

Depending on the size and activity on site an ANPR camera system may also be advisable to recognise number plates. Good quality night vision cameras are a must and monitoring of these cameras is essential upon a PIR or movement activation.

Commercial Intruder Alarm

We can help you select the ideal intruder alarm for your commercial property. Our commercial alarms can be integrated into a managed security system as a layer of security, and with trained personnel watching over your company's facilities, you can decrease the number of false alarms by having people who are trained to deal with break-ins and notify the necessary services as they occur.

CCTV Cameras

The most crucial aspect of CCTV and security camera placement is placing them in an effective location, not just as a deterrent but as part of the layered security to ensure you have no gaps in the assets you are protecting. We have access to a wide range of security cameras suitable for protecting commercial properties.

Additionally, security cameras are essential as proof in the prosecution of people who attempt to enter your property and can assist in the recovery of lost items by identifying criminal gangs that prey on businesses like yours.

Security Lights

Because there is a greater chance that they may be noticed, well-lit places will deter possible invaders. Employees who arrive early and go late at night, when it could be dark, can benefit from external illumination to assist keep them safe.

Commercial Security Guarding

We are able to offer a variety of commercial security services, such as manned guarding, to offices, estates, commercial buildings and renovation sites, warehouses, and much more. We are experts who can handle your commercial security guarding needs. Whether you have a commercial premises that is at risk of vandalism, burglary, staff aggression, or a multi tenanted commercial property that needs security guards, we will provide the right security officers day and night.

If you need a quality, credible, professional and competitively priced, fully insured commercial security guard service anywhere in London, then contact us now on Tel 02074095291, e-mail 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year to discuss your potential commercial security guarding requirements.

At Fahrenheit, we have a long history of working with a wide array of companies that occupy real estate such as commercial units, industrial estates, office buildings, and brick and mortar stores. Commercial property will always require a tailored approach to security. To discuss your needs for commercial and business security, get in touch with us right away!

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