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Your Questions Answered on SIA Security and DBS Checks

What is a DBS security check?

"DBS" means "Disclosure and Barring Service" A DBS check is an official record stating a person’s criminal convictions. It was formerly known as the Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) This service enables employers and recruiters to have a persons criminal background history.

Answering Questions on DBS Checks
Your Questions Answered - DBS Checks

Finding qualified applicants to work with vulnerable groups, particularly children, requires disclosure of certain DBS checks.

Do you need a DBS check to work as a security guard in the UK?

Yes, if you want to work as a security guard in the UK you will need to undertake a DBS Check. It is part of the background checks conducted by the Security Industry Authority perform during your SIA Licence application. Not only will you need to do a DBS check when you apply for your licence you will also need to obtain one every time you renew your SIA licence. It is good practice to keep a copy of your criminal record check and take the most up to date version with you to security job interviews.

Some security guard companies conduct a standard DBS check on you once you have been offered the role. This standard DBS check will contain any cautions, criminal convictions, warnings or reprimands on your record and will include spent and unspent convictions.

If you intend on working with children, young adults in an educational setting or vulnerable persons you will generally require an enhanced DBS check. It is more thorough than the standard check and includes barring lists. Only an employer or a recruiting firm working on behalf of an employer may request both standard and enhanced DBS checks.

A security guard who works in a retail store, department store, or corporate office is only required to undertake a Basic DBS check, which they can request on their own behalf.

What DBS check do I need for SIA licence?

The Security Industry Authority request a Standard DBS Check when performing background checks on your person prior to granting and issuing an SIA licence.

If I have a criminal record can i still get a SIA Licence?

If you have a criminal record and are worried about spending time and money on a SIA licence you can check you potential eligibility to get an SIA licence by using the criminal record indicator tool.

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