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What are the key responsibilities of security guards? Top 5 2022

Security Guards responsibilities can vary sector by sector which we explore in this article however there are two overarching responsibilities that supersede all others and they are the protection of people and property.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a private security guard?

Security Officer Responsibilities
Security Officer

1. Be a uniformed visible deterrent to crime within their operational space

The presence of skilled security personnel serves as a powerful deterrent to criminal activity. Security personnel should introduce themselves to anyone entering the area they are watching in order to deter any potential criminal conduct.

Any security officer's job must include actively working to prevent crime. Being physically present, patrolling, and keeping an eye on daily activities would help to dissuade criminal behaviour and provide crucial information about any anti-social behaviour.

2. Observe and report any suspicious activity or crime in the location

Another mention worthy duty of security guards is surveillance. They will be aware of any anomalies or warning signs because of their regular monitoring and reporting.

The fundamental job responsibility of a security officer is "observe and report." They must possess outstanding situational awareness, the knowledge and skills to spot suspicious behaviour, and the ability to determine whether to escalate a problem and when to take direct action.

3. Physical protection of staff, customers, visitors, and assets

It is crucial to give anyone entering a store, workplace, warehouse, or any other location where security presence is required, peace of mind.

Security personnel are essential in maintaining the safety of employees, clients, and visitors, which will increase repeat business and employee happiness. In order to maintain everyone's safety on the premises, officers must be always on the lookout for potential threats and capable of responding to difficult circumstances quickly and calmly.

Private security guards' top priority is the protection of the public, regardless of whether their work involves providing concierge services, routine patrols, mobile patrols, canine units, keyholding, or responding to alarms.

4. Uphold protocol and procedures in regards to security and health and safety

Security guards must adhere to a specific code of conduct to ensure their behaviour is compliant. At Fahrenheit Security, all of our security officers are frontline SIA licence holders.

This means they must uphold the standards of conduct and behaviour that have been established by the SIA. The six commitments for SIA licence holders are as follows:

  1. Act with honesty and integrity

  2. Be trustworthy

  3. Protect the people and property you are entrusted to protect

  4. Be professional at work

  5. Act with fairness and impartiality at work

  6. Be accountable for your decisions and actions

A security guard must follow a set assignment instructions when obliged to respond to illegal conduct; these instructions are also often described as a site bible and vary depending on the location. It is important to know the proper procedures and follow them accordingly as they often follow health and safety and standard guidelines.

5. Dynamically risk assess each individual situation

Security personnel will become highly familiar with the routines of the location where they are posted very rapidly. They will be able to evaluate danger and comprehend the needs for safety on those sites through their constant surveillance, helping to prevent potential problems and criminality.

A private security guard's responsibility includes risk management, which is broken down into five main categories.:

  • Identify

  • Analyse

  • Action

  • Monitor

  • Control

When a security officer is experienced enough to be able to suggest alternatives that will improve the overall safety and security of the premises they are assigned with guarding, private security guards add real value.

Private security officers may be responsible for a variety of duties, depending on the position they have, including:

  • Regular site patrols

  • Surveillance

  • Access and egress control

  • Helping to provide a safe environment for employees and visitors

Investing in security staff with the proper training and expertise will benefit your company's operations through reducing losses. Working with a respected and trusted security guard organisation will give you the assurance that your property's security is being taken care of by a trustworthy security partner, reducing stress and assisting your business to continue operating as smoothly as possible.

Find out more about our officers and get in touch to find out how we can assist you in securing your properties in London.

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