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Watch Theft - Advice and Guidance for Better Awareness

Updated: 2 days ago

In the past few weeks the Police have seen a significant rise in members of the public becoming a victim of crime as a result of wearing their luxury watches in Central London. Some people have been threatened at knifepoint or by machete wielding masked moped riders whilst others have just had their watches stripped from their arms. This rise in watch robberies has resulted in business improvement districts such as New West End Company and private security companies working closely with the Metropolitan Police Service to get word out about the Look Up - Look Out campaign that is being used to help give luxury watch owners the awareness they need if they are wearing their timepiece out in London.

Bond Street Security Guards Advising Customers on Their Safety

On Bond Street in particular store security are liaising closely with street security and the security guards at luxury watch retailers are briefing customers not to have their watch out on show and be aware of their surrounding when waiting outside of the store or walking between stores.

A really good piece of advice to protect yourself when wearing your Rolex, Patek Phillipe or Piaget is to walk on the pavement facing on coming vehicles. This way you will be more likely to see in advance any potential robbers on scooters or bicycles heading at you.

Fahrenheit's Bond Street's security guard teams are experienced experts in situational awareness so customers shopping in Bond Street luxury stores that are protected by Fahrenheit Security can rest assured they can shop safely.

If you are a luxury watch boutique in London then consider a free review of your security measures today with Fahrenheit Security.

Fahrenheit Security, 34 S Molton St, London, W1K 5RG

Telephone: 02074095291


Plus Code: GV72+MG London

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