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Security Guard Hire London - Get a Personalised Security Guard Service

Updated: May 27

1. What security services does Fahrenheit Security offer to their clients?

The security service offered by Fahrenheit Security gives it's clients the choice of a wide range of security personnel to meet their specific security needs of their London properties. These security personnel include unarmed, uniformed and plain clothed security officers who are trained and licensed to handle various security-related tasks.

Event Security Central London - Fahrenheit Security
Event Security Central London - Fahrenheit Security

2. What type of security personnel in London can be hired from Fahrenheit Security?

Clients can hire any type of security personnel, depending on their requirements and needs. For example, if a client needs security for a trade show, they may prefer uniformed security personnel, while for a personal bodyguard, they may prefer plain cloth security personnel.

3. Does the Fahrenheit Security service provide both corporate and private security services?

Yes, Fahrenheit Security provides both corporate and private security services. The company has a wide range of services, including security for trade shows, executive protection, workplace violence protection, corporate retreats, parties, personal bodyguards, estate security, and more. This means that they cater to a diverse range of clients, from large corporations to individuals.

4. What are some of the services included in the Fahrenheit Security service offering?

Some of the services included in the Fahrenheit Security service offering are:

  • Retail security

  • Corporate security

  • Workplace violent protection

  • Residential security

  • Event security

  • Night security

  • Key holding & alarm response

  • Mobile property patrols

5. What are some of the qualities of the Fahrenheit security guards in London?

Some of the qualities of our security guards in London that set them apart from others include:

6. How do Fahrenheit's security guards in London handle adverse situations?

Our London Security guards are trained and equipped to handle adverse situations, such as sudden problems, catastrophic natural attacks, or individual dangers. In case of any emergency, the guards are active in their response and handle the situation with care and professionalism.

7. What is the demand for mobile patrol security in the current workplace environment?

The demand for mobile patrol security has increased in recent times due to the complexity of the workplace environment. This type of security is required when the area is large and needs constant security from external threats. Mobile patrol security guards provide constant surveillance and security to the area, which helps in preventing potential threats.

8. How do security guards help in handling workplace violence?

Security guards play a crucial role in handling workplace violence by stepping in and preventing potential harm to employees or property.

9. What should one look for in an agency while searching for security services?

When searching for a security agency, it is important to look for the following factors:

  • License and professional qualifications of the security personnel

  • Experience in the security industry

  • Range of services offered

  • Reputation and reliability

  • Cost-effectiveness and affordability

10. What type of security needs can be met through the Fahrenheit Security service in London?

The Fahrenheit Security service can meet a wide range of security needs, including long-term and short-term security, SIA Licensed guards, premium security guards and close protection licensed guards for special assignments, night security, and more. Whether you need security for an event, personal protection, or a workplace, Fahrenheit Security service can provide a personalised security team to meet your needs.

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