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Get Round-the-Clock Security Services for Your Business

Fahrenheit Security is a 24/7 security company. We understand the importance of ensuring our clients property is safe and secure whilst under our care. This is why we offer a range of round the clock security guard services to help protect your property and deter potential threats. Our security guard hire services are one of the best ways we can help you achieve peace of mind.

Why 24/7 Security Guarding is Essential

When it comes to ensuring security, quick response and 24/7 cover are essential, and that is what we provide at our security company. We have trained and SIA Licensed security guards that can be deployed to fulfil various requirements, be it single sites or multiple locations throughout London.

Our security guards provide a robust security service, which offer premium protection at businesses, events or protect vacant properties against intruders.

Our security guards are well trained and SIA Licensed to deliver an extensive range of guarding roles, including static manned guarding, retail loss prevention, mobile security, keyholding services, and more. They are typically deployed to construction sites, commercial businesses, and corporate entities.


We provide urgent guard hire services that guarantee protection within 24 hours. Our security guards are SIA qualified, approved personnel with over 20 years of experience. We are reliable, trustworthy, and efficient, providing 24/7 security services that guarantee constant protection.

Our manned guarding services provide a visible presence at any location to prevent unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism, helping to avoid losses and establish ongoing assurance and confidence in the integrity of your business. Our personnel are SIA licensed, wear smart black suits and carry clear identification to uphold the levels of professionalism you expect.

We are a long-established and respected provider of professional manned guarding services, and we can adapt our services to match the unique requirements of any number of situations and sites and locations across London.

Mobile Security

We can deploy mobile patrol vehicles and security officers to patrol high-risk areas if your premises requires 24-hour security and is in a high-risk category. Mobile security officers are ideal for large sites requiring dedicated and comprehensive perimeter monitoring or if you have premises spread over a large geographical area.

Mobile security patrols can be changed at irregular intervals to avoid establishing any set pattern, strengthening the security and eliminating any organized attempts at a security breach. Security teams maintain detailed records and reports of any perceived threats such as suspicious vehicles or people in order to give our clients peace of mind that any threat is anticipated.

Lock and Unlock Services

Any premises is at its most vulnerable at the point of opening-up/closing-up such as at the start and end of a working day. Our lock-up and unlock service helps to reduce the risk of crime during these times by removing the risk and responsibility from staff or other company personnel.

By maintaining a degree of control over access to premises, whether it's a luxury retail store, corporate office, or other commercial workplaces, we ensure effective processes are thoroughly implemented, and site access is fully controlled.

Reception Security & Security Concierge

Your point of entry is the first location in which potential intruders or unauthorised visitors might attempt to gain access. Monitoring and controlling who accesses your building, who is permitted to visit commercially sensitive areas, and managing access to restricted parts of your premises are essential to retaining control and security of your business. Our reception security services provide a strong deterrent to unauthorized visitors, ensuring that your premises remain safe and secure.

Short-term Security Guard Cover

Many security companies consider only longer-term contracts. However, we recognise that business needs can change quickly. Sometimes a short-term solution is essential to protect your staff, site, and equipment during high-risk periods. Fahrenheit Security can provide security services for as little as a week, to ensure that your business is never left at risk.

When valuable materials or equipment are in transit or being transferred between sites, they provide a point of access exposing your business to losses and theft – even with thorough on-site security services. As your experienced security service provider, we can provide ad hoc and bespoke security services to ensure that vulnerable consignments are protected at all times.

Emergency Security Guard Hire

As an experienced provider of security guard services, we appreciate that every business can experience emergencies and sudden exposure to risk. To navigate the challenge successfully, a fast, responsive and adaptive solution is required. Emergencies can include unanticipated vulnerabilities, threats to security and heightened levels of risk, and Clearway is perfectly positioned to swiftly put in place emergency security to keep the situation under control.

Empty Property Security Guarding

Vacant properties are exposed to any number of threats; from unauthorised tenants and vandalism, to theft. Keeping an empty property secure is a challenge requiring an adaptive suite of security services to respond to the location and type of premises.

Why Choose Fahrenheit Security?

Choosing the right security partner is an important decision; an experienced provider will be able to perform a full risk assessment, advise on preventative solutions and provide ongoing support to ensure that you remain at the forefront of site and premises safety. Fahrenheit Security is proud to be a security services market leader in Central London, continually adapting our services to respond to client requirements and changing areas of risk. We provide around the clock security services, 24/7.

Crime never stops, and neither does risk – so we don’t either, ensuring you have full security coverage at every hour of the day. When a problem arises or risk is identified, you need to deal with it quickly, effectively and thoroughly. With a quick turnaround time, we will make sure your needs are covered in the shortest possible timeframe. Alongside our 50+ years’ management experience, we are variously accredited by organisations and leading trade bodies, plus we are a SAFE Contractor approved security company.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How quickly can you have a security guard at the location needed?

A. Typically we’re able to provide security personnel within 24 hours, anywhere in Central London. In extreme situations, we may be able to provide security personnel on the day of enquiry. If you have an urgent requirement or need emergency security, get in contact as soon as possible.

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