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Are you looking for a security guard in London?

London has the more security companies operating than any other UK city and possibly any other city in the world. There are currently an estimated 46,000 security companies working in London. With so many companies to choose from it can be difficult to pick the right security company for you.

Let us help you with your decision on why you should choose Fahrenheit Security, but before we tell you why you should hire us as your security guard partner, here are some of the security services we currently provide across London:

Fahrenheit Security's company ethos is about professionalism, integrity and reliability. If you wish to see our full list of services and read them in detail, you can visit our security services page now. We are a citywide provider of London security guard services and a trusted provider amongst global retail brands and blue chip corporate companies. We have earned our reputation as the security supplier of choice by our clients due to our commitment to clients 24/7, our responsiveness to deal with situations and the fact we hand pick our security guard team for each individual requirement. We do not subcontract therefore we control the quality of our security services and are super competitive on price.

London is a city of global dominance, it is home to people from all walks of life, rich and poor from around the world. London business have more footfall and customers than any other city. Unfortunately more people paves way for a higher propensity for there to be incidents. This is an unavoidable fact of life. Retailers and commercial property management companies in London deal with these problems by putting in place a full range of security measures including SIA licensed security guards at their London stores and premises to safeguard their people and products

London is a unique beast of a metropolis. You need a security company whose owners have grown up and live in London, understanding the dynamics of each area and what security challenges Mayfair may pose as opposed to Hackney. Two of Fahrenheit Security's Directors were born and raised in London. One in South London, Belgravia and the other in North West London Kentish Town. Our Directors interview security guards for job vacancies and know what to look for depending on the type of venue they are recruiting for. Candidates get put through scenario testing and take literacy and numeracy tests. Once on the ground your appointed security guard will receive on going upskill and job specific training to make sure you get the most from our service.

If you are looking for a security company whose London guards can spot shoplifters, deal with security situations and get them under control quickly with minimum attention Fahrenheit Security is a safe bet. We take care in the delivery of our services in order to deliver a specialist service to you.

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