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Friendly & Welcoming Security - Fahrenheit Security

Positive security personnel for your event, store or office will make a significant difference.

In London today having a friendly security team is more important than ever. People go to London as a destination and want a memorable experience whether they are attending an event or going on a shopping trip. The senior management of Fahrenheit Security have an extensive background in hospitality, high net worth and luxury retail sectors and understand how to maximise the customer experience through our security guard service. A smile paints a picture of the company and a positive view what it is like to work in that environment. Smiles are also contagious and encourage a positivity. We give you a couple of examples below where having a friendly approach to security works.

Example 1: Security Refuses Entry To A Venue

Most of us have been in the position where we get to our intended destination albeit a restaurant, bar or club and ready to have a good night out. Only then to find when we arrive we aren't being let in. It is frustrating to say the least and can often result in high tensions between security and the person or people being rejected.

Imagine an instance where this happens however in stead of a cold "your not coming in approach" you are met with a smile and the doorman talks calmly to you and gives a valid reason why you or your group are not allowed in. They then take time to answer your questions and come across as sincere and personal hearing your point of view as well. This flips a potentially volatile scenario on its head whereby in stead of taking instant dislike and holding resentment against the doorman who is denying you entry you are more likely to actually like them and heed their words.

Example 2: You Are Asked To Leave a Venue By Security

Okay so in our 2nd example you are inside a bar and it is the end of the night, the lights are on and you still haven't finished your drink and are being asked to leave by the door staff. You say you will leave when you finish your drink and the door staff agrees to give you another 5 minutes to drink up. Five minutes come and go and the door staff come back around and ask you to leave again, but you still haven't finished your drink. They explain that it is the end of the night and they need to lock up but are patient, smile and offer you assistance if you need to get anything from the cloak room. This helpful and friendly approach is much more likely to move the patron on that locking horns and letting them leave with a bad taste in their mouth. It is much more difficult for a person to act aggressively towards a passive and helpful person who is offering assistance. Patience, friendliness and engagement builds rapport that reaps rewards with patrons of night time economy venues.

We take customer and end user interactions with our security guards seriously. We place the customer experience at the epicentre of what we do and train our security teams as such. We are in the business of providing a reassuring presence and making people feel safe and secure so they can enjoy their visit to a Fahrenheit secured venue from a fashion retail store to a jewellery boutique to a private event. Here is a complete list of the security services we offer. Bespoke security solutions are tailored to each individual client and service we provide. Have the best security officers in London secure your venue and get in touch with Fahrenheit Security today.

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