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Are you in London and need a security service?

Have you searched far and wide, read good and bad google reviews on security firms, called up a couple of the top security guard companies and spoke to someone who couldn't help, emailed and got a tardy reply? This is enough to make even the most serious new business enquirer feel deflated.

At Fahrenheit Security we take pride that our clients new and old can pick up the phone at any time and speak to a company Director. We also are very responsive on emails We make dealing with Fahrenheit Security easy in every respect from initial enquiry to delivery to invoicing.

Book a security guard - Fahrenheit Security
London security guard book - Fahrenheit Security

Here are some of the security services we can provide in London before we explain why you should choose us:

  • Static Security Guards

  • Retail Security Guards

  • Corporate Security Officers

  • Commercial Security Guarding

  • Keyholding and Alarm Response

  • Fully SIA Licensed Personnel available in the whole London

  • Super Competitive Rates and Quality Service Delivery

You can hire reliable security personnel from Fahrenheit Security. Visit our security services page right away if you'd like to read about all of our offerings in detail. We offer security services to the Capital and are a reputable company in London. We provide security personnel to a unique and wide range of establishments, businesses, and industries, and we keep our clients pleased by using only the most qualified and highly trained SIA licenced guards. We have worked hard to build our reputation as one of London's top security companies.

London is a unique City and we are a one of a kind security company

The city is active and thriving with new destinations and places to be every season. You'll have to comprehend and accept that as a location or company. More foot traffic translates into more customers, which increases the likelihood of unwanted behaviour or criminal elements. This is a sad fact of London life. However, Fahrenheit Security guards have strategies to deal with these dangers and lessen the negative consequences of problems.

A professional business requires a security company with expertise and a track record in managing the unique requirements of London venues. Since Fahrenheit Security has dealt with the London dynamics for many years, we have developed some level of expertise in the area.

London is truly unique and as such the services delivered need to be by people who understand local dynamics and local law. We are familiar with the behaviour of shoplifters as they approach, enter, and exit stores. We know how to defuse conflict, deal with challenging circumstances, and concentrate on making sure all customers have the best possible experience when interacting with our security guards. Fahrenheit Security holds dear its local knowledge and work to date. We relish an opportunity to work with new and established London businesses as we expand throughout London.

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