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Why is the SIA Important?

The body in charge of policing the private security sector is called the Security Industry Authority (SIA). According to the Private Security Industry Act of 2001, this independent authority is in charge of the sector and answers directly to the Home Secretary. The SIA organisation, which operates throughout the United Kingdom, is always revising and refining its standards and specifications.

The SIA's key responsibilities are:

  1. Enforcing licence requirements for those performing specific tasks in the private security industry

  2. Administering the optional Approved Contractor Scheme, which evaluates private security providers based on standards determined by outside experts.

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SIA licences applies to manned guarding of structures, sites, and individuals. There are different licensed depending on the activity that is being carried out as listed below:

These SIA licenses assure that every employee is qualified and able to carry out the duties associated with their position.

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