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What is reception security?

Fahrenheit Security - Reception Security London
Reception security - London

Reception security, sometimes referred to as reception and building security, is crucial for multi-tenanted office blocks and offices across London.

However, what really is reception security, and why do companies need it? In this article about reception security we'll go over that and other things.

  1. Why Does Reception Security Matter for Business?

  2. What Does A Security Guard At The Reception Do?

  3. How Does Reception Security Work?

  4. Conclusion

Why Businesses in London Need Reception Security?

There are many threats that a reception area may encounter on a daily basis, whether it is a school reception, a small business reception, or a larger office complex reception. It is crucial that your business reception is well manned and guarded, particularly in light of the fact that, according to a recent 2020 survey, there were 606,282 business-related crimes. That is an average of 69.2 crimes every hour affecting businesses and 1,032 business crimes for every 100,000 people living in the country. Shoplifting was the most common business crime with 374,395. Then there was 103,391 burglaries against commercial properties. 58% of business crime cases were unresolved, with no suspect identified which further boosts the need for reception security.

Particular crimes and risks that face a business area include: The reception area of an office is frequently the first port of contact visitors have while encountering your physical business, thus it's crucial that it has the correct protection.

Risk of theft in the reception area

Any reception area is constantly at risk of theft from opportunistic thieves searching for a quick opportunity to take valuable office equipment like laptops, iPad, phones as well as the sensitive data that may be on them — frequently using force and violence.

Risk of trespass in the reception area

A reception area may even be completely skipped if it is not properly watched, which allows for unauthorised entry and increases the likelihood that more crimes will be committed if the culprit has obtained entrance to the premises.

Risk of Intimidation & Assault

Since it is so simple for members of the public to reach the front of a business and frighten employees in reception for either illicit gain or even for no particular reason at all, it is unfortunate that this can also result in the threat of assault.

Risk of Emergency Incidents

The terrible events that reception personnel may have to deal with include fires and even bomb threats. If they are unprepared for such situations, it could result in a stressful situation with a significant impact.

What Is The Role Of A Reception Security Guard?

Now that we are aware of the reasons why companies in London would want reception security, what precisely do reception security guards and services do?

Customer Service

An important aspect of a reception security guard's job is providing warm, proactive customer service. Since the reception area is frequently the first place that customers and potential customers interact with a business, it is crucial that the security guard there is professionally and amiably trained. This will frequently reflect favourably on the company and create a positive first impression for customers and potential clients.

Vigilant And Watchful

The constant maintenance of vigilance and watchfulness is another important duty of reception security. This can be done in two ways: either by employing alert static security at the reception or by staffing CCTV cameras to monitor blind spots elsewhere in the office or reception area.

Visible Secure Presence

The presence of a fully uniformed security guard serving as visible security in the lobby can serve as an effective deterrent, making potential criminals reconsider committing a crime on the premises because they would have to contend with a potentially well-equipped and trained security professional hired to maintain order.

Reception Signing In And Out Presence

Keeping track of all arriving and outgoing visitors, whether through a digital or even a paper checking in and out system, is a crucial responsibility for security experts serving as reception security.

This is a crucial job for the organisation since it enables them to monitor who is currently within the building and ensures that nobody is permitted to trespass in an effort to, for example, steal from them.

Help Enforce Emergency Protocol

In the event of an emergency, reception security guards may also be responsible for enforcing specific emergency protocols or plans, which includes adhering to or aiding with health and safety protocols, general building evacuations, or fire evacuations.

A professional security officer can assist in ensuring that people exit the facility securely and smoothly.

How Can You Get Reception Security? Simply follow the instructions below to assist secure your company. Fahrenheit Security can provide you with trustworthy reception & building security.

1 - Contact Reception Security Company - Fahrenheit Security

Please let us know your security guard requirement by contacting us for a quote on our website, via phone at 02074075291, or by email at

We can get you up with dependable Reception & Office Security faster and more efficiently if you are as specific and comprehensive as possible about your security needs.

#2 - Obtain A Free Competitive Security Guard Quote

We work hard to get you a quote that is as thorough and clearly broken down as possible, customised to your unique needs.

If you already have a quote for a security agreement, we'll aim to match or beat it as part of our best price security quote policy.

Get Protected, third.

Once the price and service are accepted, we'll pair your company with the most qualified security expert.

#4 You Are Safe!

Congratulations, you can concentrate on running your business on a daily basis knowing that Region Security Guarding has your reception and building secured!


We've discussed what reception security is, why companies need it, and how you can get it for your particular organisation.

If you enjoyed today's article, be sure to follow our official blog to stay up to speed on all of the most recent security guard news and to read topics.

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