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Ten Attributes Top Retail Security Guards Need

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Being a retail security officer isn't the easy job people outside of the industry often think it is. It takes a certain type of person to endure long hours standing (often in one position) and remain sharp and alert throughout the shift and maintain discipline. No one retail environment is the same and as structured and regimented the role of the security guard is, it also requires a great deal of adaptiveness and flexibility.

Many skills can be taught but attributes are intrinsic to the nature of a successful professional security officer. Here is Fahrenheit Security's list on what it takes to be the best.

1. Presentation and standards

Strict attention to personal presentation such as uniform standards, personal hygiene and conduct. As a security officer you will represent both Fahrenheit Security and the brand at which you work, this is a notable mention as a customer will associate you with the brand and the store management will only associate you with the company. A polished image is very important in retail security.

2. Timekeeping

A true professional security guard will arrive at least 10 minutes early to their shift so they can facilitate any briefing and be ready to start the shift in position on time.

3. Awareness

The retail day can often be a long one and it is vital in order to conduct the job properly to be alert, aware and focused at all times. Criminals will notice if a retail security officer is not engaged and take advantage of the situation. By simply being alert at all times will deter and stop a large percentage of crime.

4. Customer service

Customer service at the front of house is key to the customer experience. Meeting and greeting customers on their way in and saying thank you and good bye on their way out will set your store apart from others. It is great for the brands image and will also deter would be criminals as they see you are actively engaged. It also helps the security officer sniff out potential would be shoplifters by their body language when an attempt to engage with them. (However that is a topic for another day.) A great security guard knows the difference between internal and external customer service and can deliver both seamlessly.

5. Clear Concise Communication

Clear concise verbal skills are essential for the retail environment especially in a world class city such as London. Not every customer or member of the public will have perfect english which is why its important to be able to communicate effectively and clearly to those who do not have English as a first language to deal with or diffuse a situation. Excellent communication = excellent conflict management resolution and/or customer service. It is also important to have fantastic written English skills to ensure report writing and statements can be produced effectively.

6. Honesty

In the retail environment a security guard has a great deal of responsibility afforded to them. A security guard must be honest, it is an essential quality. Brands and managers put their trust in officers to keep their place of work safe and keep a check on internal and external theft. Security guards in retail often handle keys, perform bag checks and check outs as well as have access to back of house areas. Integrity of one's self is key to the success of the role.

7. Willingness and want to upskill and learn

Keeping on top of training to ensure you go above and beyond the basic SIA training and upskill in loss prevention and other retail specific areas.

8. Conflict Management

Effective conflict management includes effective communication, active listening, practicing empathy, problem-solving, positive attitude, level-headedness. have patience, understand body language. In addition to these points it's vital to have patience, understand body language, be impartial so you can do what's right in the moment and find a way to resolve the situation amicably.

9. Confidence

A security guard must possess a certain level of confidence naturally. Because the security guard will need to deal with volatile situations and individuals, this skill is crucial. There's nothing wrong with being timid, but it won't help you advance in the security field. Confidence will also aid the security guard in dealing with members of the general public, police officers, and their staff. And to be able to do it in a professional manner, as well as clearly and concisely present the relevant information. If you're going to be successful in apprehending criminals, you can't afford to be hesitant.

10. Self discipline

Self discipline often gets overlooked as a key attribute but it makes it on to our top ten list as without it, it is impossible to be effective as a security guard. Self-discipline is the ability to push yourself forward, stay motivated, and take action, regardless of how you're feeling, physically or emotionally. Motivation and willpower contribute to it, as do persistence, the ability to follow through on your intentions, and hard work.

If you are looking for work then feel free to contact us on to arrange an interview with Fahrenheit Security.

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