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Soho Security Companies

Updated: May 27

When it comes to Security Companies in Soho, London there is one that has a big presence in the local area and that is Fahrenheit Security.

With so many security guards in Soho throughout the day and at night, people often ask

What can a Security Guard in Soho do and can’t do?

Security guards are seen as an authoritative figure and representatives of law and order especially when in uniform. They defend people and property.

On the other hand, a security guard is not a police officer. He or she does not work for the government. Instead, they have limitations placed on them because they work for a private security company and must be licensed under the security industry act.

The legal implications of a security guard's actions are based on the scenario at hand. You can better comprehend the function of security guards by considering the items below. Let's examine what a security guard may or may not be permitted to do in the exercise of their duties.

One of the most common duties of security guards conduct is to protect people and property. A guard can step in to prevent criminal activity and issue commands to people to leave a certain area of private property and if they have grounds to believe a crime has been committed, detain them by way of citizens arrest.

2. Can Security Guards Make a citizen’s arrest in Soho, London?

A security guard in Soho has the same rights as any other citizen if a crime is seen and there is a concern for the safety of the public. A guard is required to call the police as soon as possible after making such an arrest. The guard has the right to remove any weapons or illicit substances that the person who has been arrested may have.

#3 A security guard must be able to prove that they have used reasonable force

Force must be reasonable and justified if it is used by a security guard against a person while performing their job to protect people and/or property. Like a police officer, a security guard is supposed to use verbal conflict management skills before using physical intervention, like effective verbal communication.

#4 Can a security guard request a physical search?

Security officers typically need your expressed permission before they can search you or your belongings. But this does not apply if you are asleep or not there. This includes having the right to search your bag or car. This also applies to security personnel who believe they have apprehended a shoplifter because they are not permitted to force a search on someone who doesn't want to be searched.

In this situation, it would be necessary to hold the suspected shoplifter until a police officer could arrive and legally perform a forced search. Security officers, however, have the right to request a physical search under specific conditions.

  • They have the right to search any luggage or other item that has been left unattended in a questionable circumstance because it could endanger the public's safety.

  • Security officers are permitted to search a person's bag if they are unconscious and the guard is attempting to identify them so they can receive medical attention.

#5 Physically Restraint

Security officers may only use moderate force while treating a suspect. Only when absolutely required and when detaining someone can additional force, such as physical restraint and grasping, be utilised. This might happen if the suspect tries to flee after attempting to commit a crime or if the security personnel believe they could endanger themselves or others.

#6 Can a security guard in Soho refuse entry?

The owner or manager of the property may decide who is and is not allowed entry if the facilities are open to the general public. The security guard works on behalf of the manager or owner and has the power to control who is granted access to the property.

Any establishment, whether it be a bar, club, or anything else, has the authority to deny entry to anyone who won't let a security person check their bag. This is typically a standard rule created by companies that are open around-the-clock.

#7 Can a security guard in Soho carry a weapon?

Because they are not legally superior to the common populace, security guards are not permitted to carry weapons. Security guards are not allowed to carry weapons like batons, pepper spray, or guns on them, let alone deploy them as a deterrent.

Front-of-house security officers are more likely to utilise mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution than they are to use force. Although handcuffs can technically be carried by anybody, they may be used to make a citizen's arrest. Guards will be trained on how to do so safely and successfully.

Can You be Detained by a Security Guard in Soho?

The security guard may detain a person lawfully if they have reason to suspect that a criminal has been committed. This means that, if the situation calls for it, they can apply handcuffs, conduct a pat-down to see if a weapon is being carried, and stop the individual from escaping while they wait for the police to arrive.

The rules that apply to a citizen's arrest are as follows:

  • They either witness the crime being committed or have solid evidence to support their suspicions.

  • They see someone committing a crime or have good reason to assume that they are doing so.

  • To prevent someone from hurting themselves or others

  • Stop someone from destroying property or harming the company or organisation.

  • To prevent someone from leaving the area before an officer takes over and assumes control.


Security personnel are afforded the same rights and advantages as other citizens in the UK. They do not enjoy the same privileges or amount of power as the police department. They serve as a deterrence to potential criminals just by being there, but if a situation arises, be prepared to handle it calmly and immediately.

London, Soho's interesting history

It would be impossible to describe Soho in a finite amount of words. Fahrenheit Security has produced a little background information to entice you to this area that's brimming with culture, cuisine, music, arts, and nightlife! You should learn for yourself because it would be difficult for me to tell you everything.

London, Soho's History

Soho is a super fashionable area of central London. It is commonly known as the West End of London and is geographically part of the City of Westminster. Soho in London has always been a place of entertainment from theatre to nightlife to restaurants and clothing stores.

Soho was originally changed in 1536 from farmland to a royal park by Henry VIII. When Soho became a parish in the late 1700's, it was developed for aristocracy when can still be seen today with Soho Square's architecture.

St Anne’s Church in Soho which was established during the late 17th century can still be seen today. For much of the 60's,70's,80's and 90's, Soho in London was known for its sexu industry, night life and media head offices it was home to. Since the early 2000's It is now a go to place for retail clothing stores, restaurants, hotels and only a small number of the remaining sex industry venues. Soho in London has a big LGBTQIA+ community and a great vibe which is centred around the Old Compton St area. If you are visiting London, definitely stop off in Soho and spend the day to relax, shop, eat and see some historic architecture.

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