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Save Money With Fahrenheit Security Guards (Thousands)

Save Money - Fahrenheit Security
Save Money With Fahrenheit Security

We will get straight in to it and say Fahrenheit Security can save you up to 10% on your current security guard spend. How can you save me thousands each year on my security guard bill you ask?

Well, one of the following three ways enables us to shave off a handsome sum of money from your security costs and help you get more for your budget:-

Save money and Pay Less Per Hour and Per Job For Your Security Guard Service

  • We charge less per hour or per job. If you have 24 hour security that is 168 hours per week and 8952 hours per year when you include the 8 bank holiday charged at double time. Some security companies big or small simply overcharge. A saving of just £1.00 per hour would result in £9,000's worth of savings per annum. It is not unheard of that security guard companies can have large profit margins. Fahrenheit Security is a honest and transparent security guard company that will ensure you get the best value as we marry price and service levels.

Save Money With Our Contract Minimum Hours and Minimum Charge Per Job

  • The second way we can save clients money is from looking at the contracts minimum booking hours or minimum charge per security job. Minimum hours are necessary to ensure the security officer receives the appropriate renumeration and does the job to a good standard but on occasion the incumbent security guard company doesn't pass on the minimum hours or minimum charge per job to the security guard which results in the company taking additional profit. Whilst some may say this is business it negatively affects the security guard and the client. As such we can review your minimum hours and have been known to save companies up to £30 per day. £30 per day may not sound like a lot but it quickly adds up. On a 7 days per week single door guard security service it would save you an estimated £11,000's a year. For the same security guard service if not better with Fahrenheit Security.

Save Money On Your Security Bill With A Better Security Strategy

  • Fahrenheit Security can review your current security guard schedule and look for inefficiencies at a single venue or across a portfolio. Generally the larger the portfolio the bigger savings out clients receive.

Contact us today for a free security consultation and look at ways how you can save money on your security spend. 02074095291.

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