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How to hire a bodyguard?

The rich and famous need close protection

High net worth individuals, prominent business people, celebrities or famous people, transporters of high value goods or assets are at risk of kidnap, robbery, nuisance by unwanted persons wanting pictures and or signatures. If you want protection from dangerous situations then looking at bodyguards for hire in London can keep you safe. Don't just hire any lump off of the street to provide bodyguard services. Contact your local close protection security agency such as Fahrenheit Security and interview potential candidates they put forward to make sure you find the right fit. Bodyguard's in the UK must have a close protection SIA license (issued by the security industry authority) as a minimum.

What to do once you know you need a bodyguard?

Before you start looking at bodyguards for hire, make a budget. Hiring a personal protection officer independently or through a private security company may cost anything from £150 to over £800 per day per personal bodyguard, plus expenses, (security industry average) depending on the level of risk and experience level of the officer you want. When going with a private security company prices quoted will generally be exclusive of VAT.

Higher-end personal protection officers from established private security companies will cost more than lower-quality security guards.

Choose whether you want an executive personal protection or a hostile environment guard. The majority of bodyguards are divided into two categories. Executive protection bodyguards, such as movie stars and politicians, need professional security. Hostile environment guards are more military-oriented and provide closer, continuous protection. Professional close protection officers from either environments will perform reconnaissance and risk assessment in their good judgment and then advise and plan security measures according to any security concerns they may have about that days assignment or particular venue security.

Think about when and where you will need a bodyguard.

In the London area, some people need a bodyguard service all the time, while others only need one at night or when they are traveling from one place to another. Security consultancy is part and parcel of a good service provided by a bodyguard company. Personal bodyguards of an ex military background providing private security services are often highly trained and their exposure to many clients will be particularly beneficial in the discovery and research stage when looking at hiring a bodyguard. If you need UK close protection services as a one off for a visit or event it is important to also consider venue security or liaise with them at a minimum prior.

Look for bodyguards listed with a professional agency.

It is possible to find an independently contracted bodyguard, but it might be harder than you think. The best way to find a reliable source is to ask for recommendations from people you know. If you don't know many people with a bodyguard, research respected agencies in your area using google and checking online reviews. Many bodyguard companies will have pictures of their close protection operatives online and list their head office location and ability to provide military personnel, protective surveillance, counter surveillance services at short notice. A personal security agency will have many bodyguards on their books giving you options when looking to hire bodyguards.

Alternatives to bodyguards

Personal protection guard dogs are the ultimate no fear, loyal personal protection.

If you can't afford bodyguards but still want some protection, a guard dog might be able to meet your basic requirements. In the UK, look for specially-trained guard dog agencies that train dogs to fulfil specific roles. Due to their strong jaws, German shepherds are particularly recognized for guard dog services that can protect human lives.

The United Kingdom has distinct qualification and licensing requirements for issuing personal security qualifications. Check the security industry authorities rules and make sure you vet applicants for this license if necessary. A personal bodyguard who doesn't have a license won't be insured or legally allowed to work as personal security of any kind. If you need any free advice or would like some security consultancy prior to hiring personal protection then contact Fahrenheit Security today. We will be happy to assist.

The best bodyguards will have additional qualifications. an extensive CV with a ex Military or ex Police background on top of their SIA Close Protection License.

You should choose an executive protection expert who has gone above and beyond the basic SIA License training requirements to undertake upskill training in various different units. Never accept a candidates with door supervision licenses as close protection bodyguards, they simply won't be highly trained or have the right skills to be a close protection officer and provide protection services.

Affiliate organisations

Check to see if your bodyguard is affiliated with any professional organisations such as:

  1. The British Bodyguarding Association

  2. The professional Bodyguard Association

  3. International Bodyguard Association

A trusted professional membership association give their bodyguard members great resources, training opportunities and tools to enhance their standing and credibility as close protection operators within the security industry.

Verified background checks on your bodyguard

If you go with a reputable security company such as Fahrenheit Security the bodyguard's criminal history will be checked to ensure that you're assigned someone who is reputable and safe. If you hire a bodyguard yourself you can ask them directly for their criminal record and references however for peace of mind use a professional security company like Fahrenheit Security.

Screening and Selection of Bodyguards

It is best to use a security company due to the stringent vetting and screening capabilities that can be utilised such as:

  • 5 years of employment verification

  • 6 year credit search

  • Proof of ID & UK right to work

  • Proof of address

  • A valid SIA licence or carrying out basic disclosure/ACPO

  • Coverage of any 31+ day employment gaps

Doing this yourself will be time consuming and may hold up the hiring bodyguard process.

Ask for your proposed bodyguards CV

Ask to see your proposed bodyguards CV and then have a chat with them about key tasks you've highlighted. Make sure to communicate with them about any specialisations or abilities they have that are unique. Inquire about the reasons for their termination of employment with a previous client if this is the case.

It is recommended to choose a bodyguard who has experience working with clients who are in a similar situation as you. When going with a company for close protection services look on companies house to establish how long the company has been operating for.

Give candidates scenarios so you can find out how they might respond if a situation occurs

In an emergency, the ideal bodyguard will keep a clear head and place the protection of their client above all else. Select a bodyguard with quick problem-solving abilities who has worked in hazardous locations before. Military applicants typically have significant crisis experience.

Talk with candidates about their experience with martial arts

In the United Kingdom, bodyguards are not allowed to carry firearms. Therefore you'll require a bodyguard who has received specialised training such as defensive driving and can act professionally in situations with martial arts. Martial arts are important for a bodyguard. They will be close to you at all times, so it is important that they are physically fit can handle potential attackers in a small space.

Ask for references

References speak volumes when qualifying competent bodyguards, ask referees specifically if they would recommend your proposed bodyguard and, if so, in what situations.

Once you are satisfied with the credentials of your proposed bodyguard and service agreement your chosen partner security partner has put forward it is time to hire your highly trained bodyguard. Contact us today if you are looking for UK close protection services or to hire security. Click the link provided to learn more about armed and unarmed bodyguards in the United Kingdom here

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