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How to check ID as a Door Supervisor?

Updated: May 27

As a door supervisor working in the night time economy we are required to check ID 100's of times each night. We have put together a little guide to to show what is involved as part of the ID checking process,

Asking For ID From Patrons

Door supervisors can be less confident in their ability to request identification from visitors when they enter the establishment they work for as a result of verbal and physical abuse, which has raised concerns that minors may have easier access to alcohol. When questioned for identification, workers in the security profession report being verbally or physically abused; however, only a small number of these occurrences are reported to authorities.

The protection of children from harm is the primary goal of age-restricted sales legislation, hence it is crucial that the laws governing alcohol sales are properly upheld. What can you do to ensure that no minors are sold alcohol at your establishment?

Challenge 25

Challenge 21/Challenge 25 deterrent posters are posted all over the place—on gas station counters, the doorways of taverns, pubs, and nightclubs, and even in the grocery store. You can get them from the Under Age Sales website if your place of business does not have one. Make sure it is visible to your clients so that they are ready to provide identification as evidence of age when entering your establishment. If someo

ne begs you to make an exception, respectfully explain that it's company policy that anyone trying to enter the venue must do so, and point to the banner.

Have a list of the ID types you will accept in your guidelines.

It won't be difficult for someone to slip by you with a phoney ID if you aren't being meticulous. Make sure the ID you are checking at the door has the customer's photo, birthdate, and hologram. Passports, driving licences (but only those with photos), and PASS-accredited proofs of age cards are all acceptable forms of identification.

Recognize the Dangers of Serving Minors

During your door supervisor training course, you would have learned about the rules and restrictions relating to alcohol and young people, but you can go farther. Expand your knowledge of the effects of underage drinking so that you can support the laws you are implementing and understand the justifications for them.

Be Firm And Uphold The Law As a Door Supervisor

Don't make an exception if someone tries to enter your establishment without a legitimate ID. Remind the customer that if you let them in without an ID, other people would expect you to do the same for them and that it could have negative effects if it turns out you allowed minors into your establishment and they are drinking. Remind them that you might receive a six-month prison sentence, the company could face fines, and you could possibly lose your job.

Defend Your Rights As A Door Supervisor

When someone tries to enter your property without identification after you've already told them no and they persist, hold your ground. Although it can be challenging to say no, keep in mind that nobody has the right to access your property without proper identification. Make saying no simpler by practise saying it. Prepare a gracious yet strong rejection. Keep in mind that your refusal doesn't have to be strenuous, hostile, or damaging. Offer the person an alternative, such as returning the following night with their ID on them.

Don’t be afraid to ask for ID from someone entering your pub, bar or night club. Utilize our suggestions to make requesting identification simpler and stop underage drinking. The benefits of using these techniques can be quantified in terms of lives and futures saved, even when doing so necessitates getting past the worry that someone would be verbally or physically abusive.

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