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How Do Security Guards Protect People?

The protection of the public is a significant portion of the security guard's duties. The security guard accomplishes this in a variety of ways, including by monitoring the area, looking for safety risks, and stopping intruders from entering the location.

What kind of people are protected by a security guard?

  • The client and their staff

  • General public: people who use the client’s private property

  • Government and public officials

  • VIP’s, business executives and celebrities

How do you protect someone as a security guard?

Security guards protect people by:

  1. Remaining overtly visible

  2. Always being in a heightened state of alert when on duty and being conscious of their surroundings and look for suspicious activity

  3. Maintaining law and order in the area they are responsible for

  4. Acting fast, decisively and appropriately in a security or safety related situation

  5. Being first aid trained and having good knowledge of health and safety

  6. Adhering to security policies and procedures as per the SIA guidelines and local protocols.

  7. By knowing when to call for additional security or Police support

  8. Providing above and beyond customer service and a 5 star experience

  9. Observing and reporting of incidents, suspicious activity and near misses

  10. Saving lives by keeping people out of potentially life threatening situations and dangers. This could be anything from crowd control at a Black Friday Sale to prevent people being crushed to securing a power plant.

What Are Security Guards Duties In 2022

Today, top security agencies in London still practice the ethos of: “detect, deter, observe, and report.” Because they watch over and safeguard a particular individual, organisation, or location, security guards were previously referred to as watchmen before they were termed guards, officers, agents or operatives. These watchmen, however, go much beyond simple observation. So the question of how security officers protect others still stands. We'll go through everything a professional security guard should be doing to protect others in this article!

Security Guards Protect People By Remaining Overtly Visible

Being visible at all times is one of a security guard's fundamental criteria. Sometimes keeping people in order and preventing crime is as simple as having an authoritative individual there who is supposed to serve as protection. A person will be less inclined to attempt something wrong or unlawful if they notice a security guard.

But a security guard must also have a certain level of discretion. The position they select in busy areas is critical and meticulous, and they must maintain visibility while remaining discrete.

Security Guards Protect People By Being Alert

Security officers perform a profession that is unique from most in that they must ALWAYS be alert. Consider the number of jobs that permit employees to check social media, go for a stroll to get a coffee, or take a 5-minute smoking break whenever they like.

These are not alternatives available to security personnel. They must always be alert of their surroundings and conduct ocular pat-downs on every person in the vicinity.

To help them stay vigilant, they need excellent senses of sight, hearing, and scent. Short attention spans and apathy are traits that won't advance your career as a security guard.

Security Guards Protect People By Maintaining Order

Security personnel are in charge of upholding order at sizable meetings, such as religious services or political gatherings. The presence of an officer helps to reduce agitation, but if things do become tense, security personnel must take command and control the situation.

This calls for a high level of talent as well as good social, physical, and reactionary qualities.

Security Guards Protect People By Acting Fast

Security work requires the capacity to respond quickly and effectively at all times. The majority of security guards are physically fit since they need to be able to stop fights and react fast to catch criminals.

If a security guard is continually busy, a crime or occurrence could easily go missed, thus they must always be ready to act swiftly and sensibly.

Security Guards Protect People By Having Health & Safety Knowledge

The most efficient way to inform people of the need for safety precautions is through a security guard with experience. Including methods to lower risk and safeguard their workers and business.

Security Guards Protect People By Adhering To Company Policy and Local Laws

Security officers are required to follow all company policies. A security guard is entrusted with protecting many locations, each of which has its own set of regulations.

The following are some things that security guards must do:

  • limiting access to prohibited places

  • preventing filming or photography

  • looking for hidden weapons

  • Verifying guests and appointments

  • Respond to crises and offer support

  • Examine the apparatus to guarantee good operation

  • Look into any questionable or prohibited behaviour

Even though a security guard consistently performs the same tasks over time, the chance of the unknowable or harmful always exists. A security guard must be ready for anything at any time.

Security Guards Protect People By Knowing When To Call For Back Up

Each security guard must understand when to contact the police. A security guard must be quick to intervene by asking for backup in the event of robberies or attacks with weapons.

In order to save lives before it's too late, security work must quickly alert paramedics in the event of a catastrophic injury.

Security Guards Protect People By Helping Them

What exactly does a security guard do? Despite the fact that it is their duty to guard, they frequently serve as concierges or guest services.

In the event that they need to recollect a specific incident or person, they must have good memory.

Additionally, visitors frequently inquire about the location of the restroom or the upcoming event, which diverts security personnel' attention from their duties.

Security personnel must multitask while responding to inquiries from visitors and maintaining awareness of their immediate surroundings.

Security Guards Protect People By Observing and Reporting

Security personnel are also responsible for observing and reporting. This necessitates a precise memory of the persons and events.

In order for paramedics and responding officers to respond effectively, a security officer should be able to recall specific incidents. They must be aware of what to report to whom in each case.

Security Guards Protect People By Saving Lives

Without a doubt, security personnel serve as unsung heroes. Regular events, people, and locations wouldn't be as properly safeguarded without well-trained security personnel.

Additionally, frequently a security guard's call to police or paramedics results in a prompt reaction that saves a life.

They pay attention, show concern, remain vigilant, safeguard individuals, uphold order, see and report, assist visitors, and do all of this while being attentive.

They are equipped and trained to deal with everything. They also frequently save lives.

Would you like a security guard quote for your company or an upcoming event? For all of your security needs, contact us!

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